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by Werttit
19 Jun 2011 14:52
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Topic: Server Crashing 2x each 5 minutes WTH !?!?!?
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Re: Server Crashing 2x each 5 minutes WTH !?!?!?

Flagg wrote:Someone online in the ally chat said (yesterday) that they had already posted a patch in the trinity forums.
Is this true?
by Werttit
09 Mar 2011 00:22
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Topic: Report hackers here
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Re: Report hackers here

I think Iheal was hacking in EotS, as he got the flag like 4 seconds after the game started. I'm just not sure if this pic is enough as it doesn't have timestamp (on the "has taken the flag") , and my second pic got "corrupted" :/ But there were a few witnesses.