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by Mokum
16 Dec 2015 12:39
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Eryx abusing PVP flag bug
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Re: Eryx abusing PVP flag bug

Psychotic wrote:If i had a dollar for every time i saw a Eryx abused (insert a random mechanic/spell/item here)...
and one for evry single time he gets away with it (wich is Always)
by Mokum
15 Nov 2015 19:11
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Development Q&A - November/2015
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Re: Development Q&A

ItchyVortex wrote:Whats the point of cleaning this thread monthly? You could just archive it and open a new one.
Deleting forum activity for no reason is worse than terrorism.
you have no clue what you are talking about
by Mokum
12 Nov 2015 10:24
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Topic: account hacked
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Re: account hacked

johnson0703 wrote:I Cannot log into my account for some reason, it says my account has been closed when i try to log in the account in question is (sevin7393) password (removed) email i hope this can be resolved thanks

who in his right mind posts his account info in a post on a forum ?
by Mokum
10 Nov 2015 15:22
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Topic: 1 sec freezes
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1 sec freezes

for some reason scince yesterday evrytime i feighn Death i get a 1 second freeze
no idea what the probllem is does anyone else have this problem ?

EDIT: it was my altoholic addon that was causing it somehow its fixed now
by Mokum
19 Oct 2015 14:23
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Topic: Loot-filled pumpkin from HH not giving eof
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Re: Loot-filled pumpkin from HH not giving eof

Dropdead wrote:Yea I see but this is a major setback imo , what harm would it cause If u reset it for everyone ? Event started like 1-2 days ago anyway , im sure no1 would complain about it and rather be happy it happened .

aslong that i dont lose my tricks and treats of azeroth achivement its all ok for me :p
by Mokum
30 Sep 2015 11:56
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Topic: [Rejected] Character Leveling for Vote Points?
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Re: Character Leveling for Vote Points?

Nah to place for lazy people here
by Mokum
08 Sep 2015 10:00
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Topic: Count To A Million
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Re: Count To A Million