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by Pollind
22 Dec 2010 19:16
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: carbonite addon
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Re: carbonite addon

Hmmm, yes im curious too.
Ill check when my PC gets repaired. :S
by Pollind
22 Dec 2010 19:12
Forum: Warlock
Topic: Favorites
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Re: Favorites

Max what bands do you listen to?
Im a metalhead as well. :)
by Pollind
22 Dec 2010 19:11
Forum: Paladin
Topic: Hello Pallies :D
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Re: Hello Pallies :D

Yes, paladins are very good indeed, better than mages, i think. :(
But i still like mages, like the fiery balls of doom. xD
My bro is a paladin and he rocks! :DDD
by Pollind
19 Dec 2010 16:21
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: Funny Wow images
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Re: Funny Wow images

Epic pics! xD