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by m2oenergym2o
23 Sep 2023 00:38
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Dungeon Finder rework
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Re: Dungeon Finder rework

- against random frost emblems drops from dungeons
- against random frost emblems drops from raids
- strongly agains random heroic dungeons start with less than 5 people

At this point, just mail t10 set to all fresh 80s and we gucci
by m2oenergym2o
17 Sep 2023 12:11
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: RHC poll
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Re: RHC poll

No changes. Leave it like it has always been, thank you.
by m2oenergym2o
29 Nov 2022 19:40
Forum: Accepted
Topic: PvP mounts.
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Re: PvP mounts.

by m2oenergym2o
06 May 2022 20:45
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Battleground Queue
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Re: Battleground Queue

I was wondering the same.
Also we have to que specific to obtain this for example ... 09&realm=t
by m2oenergym2o
09 Jan 2022 12:17
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: PVP or PVE realm - revisited
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Re: PVP or PVE realm - revisited

by m2oenergym2o
03 Aug 2021 20:34
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: SoTA
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Re: SoTA

I am not sure about demolisher's HP, but I recall them having around 250k, not the current 130k. And yes, 130k is not enough.
by m2oenergym2o
28 Jun 2021 21:03
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Incentivates in Ulduar
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Incentivates in Ulduar

Hello everyone What I have in mind is to implement some changes in Ulduar to make it more desirable for players to raid it at least twice a month instead of twice a year. The most common reason to players to raid Ulduar are the unique achievments and the legendary fragments for Val'anyr. As the frag...
by m2oenergym2o
10 Jun 2021 22:11
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Remove the cooldown from professions
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Re: Remove the cooldown from professions

As Doc J said, people will abuse the transmog alch a lot, not only for making epic stones, but also turning the elementals by repeating the transmog to make it proc into more elementals. In few words, you can have one stack of elemental earth and after 10 minutes of constant transmog into others ele...
by m2oenergym2o
17 Oct 2020 15:58
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Our realms merging - 2 November
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Re: Our realms merging - 2 November

Can you guys cut with the crap about SM holders, PVP and 10 years old bis chars on TW ?! Imagine you start playing on a different server with active Wotlk realm, you are level 1 and have to start building up your char from nothing, are you gonna ask the GMs for free items/gold or w/e just to keep up...
by m2oenergym2o
19 Aug 2019 18:00
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: When WG will be enabled??
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Re: When WG will be enabled??

Wintergrasp was disables after the crossfaction came alive, so in few words, this may cause further bugs. I am not sure if we can have WG at this moment, even tho, I would like to have some pvp action in there.
by m2oenergym2o
08 Jan 2019 19:56
Forum: Accepted
Topic: Spawn WG Weekly Quest Givers
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Re: Spawn WG Weekly Quest Givers

I already made thread on bug tracker for missing adds and quests long time ago, anyways +1
by m2oenergym2o
28 Dec 2018 14:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Vote site challenge!
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Re: Vote site challenge!

If I am not wrong it usually starts at 25th of december, but this year there is a delay.