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by Acolyte
31 Oct 2010 10:18
Forum: Looking for Alliance players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Light of Dawn
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Re: Light of Dawn

lol. the only good ally guilds that can be trust are Eternity and Timelescircle /shoo Advertising ur guild here.. its lame Light of dawn is a great guild with good community, ppl are helping each other and they do not advertising the guild on another guild's topic. And im the guild's inscribezor :)
by Acolyte
31 Oct 2010 09:55
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: A Reference Tool: Choosing the "Right" Name
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Re: A Reference Tool: Choosing the "Right" Name

OkweL wrote:
Universe wrote:Universe (I'm a know it all of wow)
The more often you will repeat that you know everything, the more sure I am you know nothing besides leveling.
by Acolyte
28 Oct 2010 17:16
Forum: Warcraft Story
Topic: Favorite Dragon Flight?
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Re: Favorite Dragon Flight?

Netherwing.. They are the children of Deathwing, and they look great.
by Acolyte
28 Oct 2010 17:08
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Who do you feel are the "good" guys ?
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Re: Who do you feel are the "good" guys ?

This story isnt Black & White. Both races are fighting for survival. Horde wants to survive on this planet, they cant go back to Draenor. Allys wants to defend the land, and they look at the orcs as intruders.
by Acolyte
28 Oct 2010 16:56
Forum: Warcraft Story
Topic: Dalaran and the Horde?
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Re: Dalaran and the Horde?

Yep, the Dalaran mages fought the Burning Legion and the Horde. maybe the leaders of Kirin Tor realised, that the only hope to prevent the Lich King's plague is the teamwork with the Horde. And the mages of Dalaran fought the Horde because they wanted to conquer the humans. But now the Horde is no l...
by Acolyte
28 Oct 2010 16:34
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Favorite Character: General
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Re: Favorite Character: General

My favourite person in wow hystory is the last guardian, Medivh. He was corrupted even before birth, and possessed by the spirit of the demonlord Sargeras who used Medivh in his dark plan to conquer Azeroth. He was the one who helped the orcs to swarm Azeroth. He was surrounded with mysteries, noone...
by Acolyte
20 Oct 2010 22:09
Forum: Professions
Topic: Herbalism
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Re: Herbalism

Atm lvling herbalism is impossible
by Acolyte
20 Oct 2010 21:46
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: The 5 word story.
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Re: The 5 word story.

Murk wantz to eat brainz
by Acolyte
19 Oct 2010 22:16
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: TrueWoW Needs Your Votes!
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Re: TrueWoW Needs Your Votes!

My first thing to do if im reaching the internet is voting. Sadly sometimes i cant vote 2times a day... i wish i could. So ppl vote for the server and vote for cool rewards :) !
Maybe i will donate in the future but atm i will need a new computer, my laptop's vid card died... :cry: