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by Darkchylde
29 Oct 2019 01:36
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Topic: Name Claim Request
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Name Claim Request

I would like to put in a request for the name"Luv" if that's possible.

The one who has it is low level, and hasn't logged on in 5+ years.

TY for your attention
by Darkchylde
14 Jun 2019 20:30
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Topic: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.
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Re: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

+1 :D
by Darkchylde
02 Sep 2018 20:43
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Topic: Release New Primal Vanilla realm
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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

^ nuff said
by Darkchylde
10 Aug 2018 16:09
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Topic: Just wanted to say thank you.
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Re: Just wanted to say thank you.

Here Here,
Ty very much indeed. well said regent. Cannot express the amount of appreciation enough.

Thanks so much :D
by Darkchylde
27 Dec 2016 23:40
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Topic: Reporting player "Catchy"
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Re: Reporting player "Catchy"

"I have personally witnessed the player asking others to whisper them if they wanted a better server and it has been bothering several players from what I have gathered. No explicit rule broken but kinda iffy." I disagree with you in one way Nyeriah (respecfully) Thats not "KINDA" iffy. Thats VEEEEE...