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by Bloodshade
29 Aug 2021 16:58
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Arena Feedback
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Re: Arena Feedback

Might as well delete this topic and everything related, the sheeple left in this realm would rather do the same 1 raid every single day of the week than to actually play different parts of the game. This is just sad and depressing.
by Bloodshade
24 Aug 2021 10:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Swiftmend logic
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Re: Swiftmend logic

It chooses Regrowth if the duration remaining of Regrowth is lower and both are present, but the stupid thing is that it heals less from regrowth.
by Bloodshade
23 Aug 2021 14:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Swiftmend logic
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Swiftmend logic

The Spell Swiftmend consumes the Effect of either Rejuvenation or Regrowth with the least duration remaining. If it consumes Rejuvenation however it heals about 20% more than Regrowth. The interesting thing comes when you have the Glyph of Swiftmend , which doesn't consume the effects, but it still ...
by Bloodshade
01 Aug 2021 18:44
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Arena rank #1 changes
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Re: Arena rank #1 changes

Birbo sorry but your skills are enough to carry a flag in WSG (maybe), not good enough for any type of proper PVP. This post made me laugh too much ;ddd. You want to force the only pvpers left to not play? Whats even the point of that, if you have no competition you cannot improve, I know you want t...
by Bloodshade
04 Jul 2021 20:57
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Battlegrounds
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Re: Battlegrounds

Ayoe wrote:
04 Jul 2021 11:27
We have made it a priority within the staff team to bring back the PvP here on TrueWoW.
You literally made the realm PVE like 2 months ago
by Bloodshade
10 Jun 2021 19:06
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Remove the cooldown from professions
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Re: Remove the cooldown from professions

so lets say, if i want to make a [Blacksmithing: Dragonstrike] and i need, among other mats, 16*[Primal Fire] and i have stack of [Primal Earth] then xmute to [Primal Water] and then to [Primal Air] and then to [Primal Fire] id need ~48 days to get it... that may be the thing 15yrs back, but today,...
by Bloodshade
14 May 2021 08:08
Forum: General Support
Topic: Appeal on ban
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Re: Appeal on ban

Another man robbed by Romanian gypsies, F
by Bloodshade
07 May 2021 13:17
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: R.I.P SGM Axis
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Re: R.I.P SGM Axis

I wasn't very close with him, but he always was nice and helpful to me and everyone else. I've only once made him yell at me in all these years, which if you know me is a feat of it's own, haha.. even then he was as polite as possible. Life is sometimes unfair... Rest in peace.
by Bloodshade
21 Apr 2021 21:52
Forum: General Support
Topic: Character Transfer for "Squished" Levels
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Re: Character Transfer for "Squished" Levels

getting to lvl 30 in retail takes less than 10 hours, if u guys actually accept those transfers thats kappa
by Bloodshade
14 Apr 2021 17:54
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Anyone know this guy?
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Re: Anyone know this guy?

no i'm not gonna give u the name, ben
by Bloodshade
30 Aug 2020 17:50
Forum: Accepted
Topic: PvP or PvE realm?
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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

what the fuck, if you don't want to pvp noone is making you, if you are afraid of random ganks - what are the odds of those happening frequently with the current pop?... another shot in the leg for the server if you do this(if there even is a leg at this point) :D :D :D .
by Bloodshade
11 May 2020 15:31
Forum: Raid & Dungeons
Topic: Realm First EoE - summary
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Re: Realm First EoE - summary

thx, nice way to wake up to people crying from long ago
by Bloodshade
30 Apr 2020 20:02
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: [TW & PW] New Arena and RBG Changes
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Re: [TW & PW] New Arena and RBG Changes

Everyone went bonkers when I proposed 2 weekly flushes 1-2years ago lmao, nice tho
by Bloodshade
01 Apr 2019 19:03
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Downscaling of 25man raids
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Re: Downscaling of 25man raids

The reason for hemorrhaging of players has nothing to do with what the intention/idea of the server. It has to do with mismanagement, slow pace of content releases, infamous GM abuse from the past (current GMs seem fine), and instability in the server. Just recently the Auction House was down for D...