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by Regent
26 Feb 2021 10:07
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Topic: Deathmatch Battleground
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Re: Deathmatch Battleground

Gurubashi Arena, Nagrand Arena and Blade's Edge Arena let you do FFA PvP - as long as you don't group up with anyone.
You just have to fly there and get people interested.
by Regent
07 Dec 2020 20:12
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Topic: [WoW: Shadowlands] Cinematics / Cutscenes / Lore
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Re: [WoW: Shadowlands] Cinematics / Cutscenes / Lore

As a reminder from Legion:

And now:


by Regent
10 Sep 2020 12:00
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: [WoW: BFA] Cinematics / Cutscenes / Lore
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Re: [WoW: BFA] Cinematics / Cutscenes / Lore

Added to original post as well.