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by 2beza
19 Oct 2017 13:18
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: 25% Damage reduction [PW]
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Re: 20% Damage reduction [PW]

Consider increasing dmg reduction to 40%-50% in PvP. I tried some PvP with 200+ resil against other 200+ resil players, and... it is still zergfest. Assuming average dps is double compared to TBC, I think 50% dmg reduction in PvP could bring more "balance". Or, dmg output could be reduced for all ac...
by 2beza
15 May 2017 09:04
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: TBC Pre-Patch
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Re: TBC Pre-Patch

This is just in: we have decided that the Naxxramas 25 achievements will no longer be available to be completed in the 40 man version during TBC. This is due the fact that with the higher level cap the overall raid difficulty will be lowered drastically, thus there'll no longer be equality in compa...
by 2beza
08 Dec 2016 12:53
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [Rejected] [PW] Allow access to PVP items based on rank
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[Rejected] [PW] Allow access to PVP items based on rank

After reduced requirements for obtaining PVP ranks, I suggest to allow access to rank 12-14 PVP items based on rank. RANK 12 - 10000 HKs: Marshal & General (legs, hands, boots) RANK 13 - 12500 HKs: Field Marshal & Warlord (chest, helm, shoulder) RANK 14 - 15000 HKs: Grand Marshal & High Warlord (wea...
by 2beza
16 Jun 2016 09:29
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Lvl 80 on Primalwow server
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Lvl 80 on Primalwow server

Level 80 character named "Twtempbcjgc" ruining Primalwow achievement ladder: