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by Roel
18 Sep 2018 09:19
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Count To A Million
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Re: Count To A Million

It looks like I still had a lot to learn 8 years ago but back then the first post was actually post number 0 so it often happened that the count would go off by 1. I suggest going through all 12916 posts and write down which numbers we still have to count.


by Roel
16 Sep 2018 17:00
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: Shop services
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Re: Shop services

Both faction change and race change include customization and rename. But faction change doesn't allow you to change to a different race of your current faction, that's what race change is for. But with faction change you can change to any race of the other faction as long as your class is available...
by Roel
04 Sep 2018 10:11
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Release New Primal Vanilla realm
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Re: Release New Primal Vanilla realm

We have seriously considered this over the last week but I'm afraid I will have to refer back to Nuko's post. It may not be an impossible feat if we all invest extra time for the setup of a static realm. But the difference of opinion within the staff is just too big to release a 3rd realm. It would ...
by Roel
15 Aug 2018 10:14
Forum: Accepted
Topic: [TW] Hourly RDF Queue Reset.
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Re: [TW] Hourly RDF Queue Reset.

It looks like the announcer and hourly reset actually haven't worked since we changed host almost 2 weeks ago, this was not intended. But it should be working again so I will be closing this suggestion, let me know if you still notice issues with it. Note: This doesn't fix the actual bug, that's qui...
by Roel
08 Aug 2018 12:34
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Compensation transfers extended to TrueWoW players
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Re: Compensation transfers extended to TrueWoW players

jaeraket wrote:
08 Aug 2018 00:05
Hi, trying to do the compensation from True to Primal and I get the error that files are not found?

Failed to open file: /var/www/inc/parsed_dumps/feral_druid_t3.pdump
This should be fixed now, please try again.
by Roel
02 Aug 2018 22:52
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Topic: Planned Maintenance Friday 11AM
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Re: Planned Maintenance Friday 11AM

What do you mean By Host ? i mean, are you referring to another server and a merge will happen, or what exactly is it that you have planned for the whole tw server? :?: :| No not a merge, like I said you shouldn't notice a difference when it's done. Just moving everything to a different machine, li...
by Roel
31 Jul 2018 10:13
Forum: Archive
Topic: Planned Maintenance Friday 11AM
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Planned Maintenance Friday 11AM

Edit: maintenance completed. On Friday our website and realms will be down from 11 AM to at least 1 or 2 PM server time. We are moving to a more sustainable host which is quite an operation but it should be less troublesome than last year. Please let us know if you find any new issues during the fir...
by Roel
22 May 2018 11:06
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New tool in site
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Re: New tool in site

Reopening the discussion for now as requested by the original poster.
by Roel
23 Apr 2018 17:34
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Topic: [Pending] Enable Auction House Bot
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Re: [Pending] Enable Auction House Bot

Ancestor wrote:
23 Apr 2018 17:18
this means for PW?
Yes, unobtainable items have been deleted there.
by Roel
20 Feb 2018 10:02
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Donated for points on the wrong account
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Re: Donated for points on the wrong account

Yes you can just message me the account that you want them on, assuming you want all of it on one account.
by Roel
17 Jan 2018 08:37
Forum: Resolved
Topic: [tw] cant connect to realm
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Re: [tw] cant connect to realm

The realm has been restarted and it should be working again.
by Roel
14 Jan 2018 16:22
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Topic: Re-implement RDF auto-reset script
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Re: Re-implement RDF auto-reset script

This was no longer believed to be an issue but I have enabled the script again. It will announce and reset the queue every hour.
by Roel
04 Jan 2018 20:28
Forum: PTR and Bug Discussions
Topic: [TW] RBG Chance
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Re: [TW] RBG Chance

This took a while to get noticed, definitely not intended to work like that.
by Roel
13 Dec 2017 10:53
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Topic: Tw Realm is offline
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Re: Tw Realm is offline

There was a problem with the update, it's running again.
by Roel
10 Nov 2017 13:33
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Some Basics on Group (and Game) Etiquette
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Re: Some Basics on Group (and Game) Etiquette

It looks like the main point here is staying friendly. There is a huge difference between friendly advice and stating someone is so bad they need to uninstall. But it's still a game and anyone can play how they want as long as it's within the rules. Playing with randoms is also a choice you can make.