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by LethalPenguin88
02 Oct 2020 21:05
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Topic: Random crashes
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Random crashes

hi so i keep getting random crashes but i cant figue out why, my system is well above the requirements for the game and i get the following message. ============================================================================== World of WarCraft (build 12340) Exe: E:\Program Files\World.of.Warcraft....
by LethalPenguin88
01 Sep 2020 07:56
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Topic: PvP or PvE realm?
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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

PvE for me

I have never really enjoyed PvP
by LethalPenguin88
25 Aug 2020 17:39
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Topic: Next Xpac?
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Next Xpac?

Apologies if this question has been answered recently.

I have just started playing on Primal as im not a huge fan of PVP servers but is there any plans to up the level cap to 80 and unlock WoTLK content or will it always stay on TBC?