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by andriuspel
09 Jan 2022 20:38
Forum: General Support
Topic: Full screen?
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Re: Full screen?

Usually its related to drivers, try to update them. Also directx should be installed, because newest windows doesn;t includes that by default (some components are but it still lacking). other than that, you can try to run Wow.exe by cmd, usually some debug shoult be visible. Other way - run wow.exe ...
by andriuspel
28 Dec 2021 17:25
Forum: Events and Fan Creations
Topic: The Ironman Challenge.
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Re: The Ironman Challenge.

Eli_William wrote:
28 Dec 2021 16:18
ermm, I just died because I couldn't cast a spell

with my ironman Deasham.

could someone have a lookie at this please?
Hello, i reinstated your ironman state + i solved issue which occurred. I'm sorry for inconvinient...
by andriuspel
28 Dec 2021 14:15
Forum: Website and Forums
Topic: Protest against dual boxing restrictions
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Re: Protest against dual boxing restrictions

question is... how this will ensure fairness in pvp vs non multiboxing players (even if thats just achievements...)? difference between pvp and pve is that... PVE - you fight vs environment (creatures, quests, etc etc...), in pvp you fight vs real players where their progress is ranked... and how no...
by andriuspel
01 Aug 2021 20:35
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Arena rank #1 changes
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Re: Arena rank #1 changes

i wouldn't say its a bad idea, maybe just not account wide but just for certain character. Anyways I'm not putting any vote. lets wait for more opinions.
by andriuspel
04 Jul 2021 21:00
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Battlegrounds
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Re: Battlegrounds

Bloodshade wrote:
04 Jul 2021 20:57
Ayoe wrote:
04 Jul 2021 11:27
We have made it a priority within the staff team to bring back the PvP here on TrueWoW.
You literally made the realm PVE like 2 months ago
and again it been community vote, players voted for it few months ago
by andriuspel
29 Jun 2021 21:53
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Incentivates in Ulduar
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Re: Incentivates in Ulduar

This is similar to another suggestion which been asking to make ICC shards to be lootable in 10 man mode too... anyways ulduar is in active development currently and loot templates are on its way for rewrite. This ulduar fragments suggestion doesnt looks fair to me.
by andriuspel
06 May 2021 07:24
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: R.I.P SGM Axis
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Re: R.I.P SGM Axis

Axis/Dave been really wonderful man, his passion for our project, he been calling me as his brother. We together did a lot, he helped to fix massive amounts of pvp, pve issues. He spent hourless amounts of work on various tasks. I oftenly asked him to take breaks, sometimes to try to split work load...
by andriuspel
01 Apr 2021 22:25
Forum: Player Reports
Topic: Hacking in Arena
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Re: Hacking in Arena

again, i'm not stating anything yet, but overally i been suggesting for most players which were called as dodgers or similar that to use video recording or actually try to stream it. RAW videos could help to identify and maybe defend on some accusations but of course latency could make minor side ef...
by andriuspel
01 Apr 2021 22:07
Forum: Player Reports
Topic: Hacking in Arena
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Re: Hacking in Arena

well, there auto rotation scripting software by base idea inject wow memory, if anti-anticheat is provided, it can fake security checks sent by server. These kicks could happen when such application freezes or fails to properly inject memory. This is one of possibilities why you could get such disco...
by andriuspel
28 Mar 2021 14:02
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Petition to grant a transmog exemption for Bloodsail Admiral's Hat
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Re: Petition to grant a transmog exemption for Bloodsail Admiral's Hat

Personally i do not see much trouble by allowing 1 item to be in exceptions. But yet it will need minor extra work and testing that such exception would get created (if this suggestion is approved)
by andriuspel
26 Feb 2021 10:22
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Deathmatch Battleground
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Re: Deathmatch Battleground

this idea gave me few new ideas for scriptable hooks :D anyways won't comment much, will wait for other's :P
by andriuspel
21 Feb 2021 20:19
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Option to opt-out of rested XP
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Re: Option to opt-out of rested XP

well resting state flag pretty much is dynamic, it can be applied while on transport, while in sanctuary areas or basically while being in some friendly areas or inside of some buildings. Currently I won't comment much but will wait for more opinions. I have ideas already how this feature could be d...
by andriuspel
23 Nov 2020 05:16
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by andriuspel
22 Nov 2020 12:25
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Low Gearscore Battlegrounds
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Re: Low Gearscore Battlegrounds

still mind a thing, if player doesn't likes pvp at all, none techniques will force him to play bgs. About event, well, that is going to be similar to ironman, so no worries @bobsmyname its known and thats up to that group members how they should treat such player since such player is pretty much use...