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by BlackArcane
08 Oct 2018 15:08
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I have no doubt you guys will get the matter sorted, and I continue to have full faith to you all. I know all TW players appreciate the time and effort the staff put in to make us all safe!
On that note, I shall go make some extreme password changes right now :D
by BlackArcane
19 Mar 2018 14:39
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Topic: Naxx40 and onyxia (PRIMAL)
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Re: Naxx40 and onyxia (PRIMAL)

+1 :tick: Although Naxx attunement isn't too tedious to get, it's a nice benefit to get raid group pop up. Nerfing it too also works out too, since you technically doing it for achieves (if they're working) and t-mog (And I know Naxx hold some gnarly gear in there.) Not only that, but it's also a go...
by BlackArcane
07 Mar 2018 14:26
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Topic: [Rejected] Enabled Sealed Scroll Case to Balance Recipe Collection {PW}
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Re: Band-Aid Solution for Elusive Recipes

I like the concept. Not only will this help getting rare recipes and boosting rdf pop, but some of those enchants will help a crap tonne when it comes to raiding.
So I agree :P
by BlackArcane
22 Nov 2017 04:49
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Topic: PW - Make Kara attune optional.
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Re: PW - Make Kara attune optional.

There's a reason as to why Karazhan requires an attunement. Like others have mentioned, it's to make sure fresh 70's are prepared to start raiding. If you look closely, you need Karazhan in order to get attuned with SSC (by fighting Nightbane and retrieving his Blazing Signet) which also gives you a...
by BlackArcane
18 Aug 2017 08:00
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Topic: cant login again
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Re: cant login again

Let's hope it was the same issue as last time so the problem can be resolved more efficiently. Missed out on a good dungeon unfortunately :(