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by loveable4
08 Jul 2019 22:05
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Topic: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]
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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

It is very upset that I came here after a long time and saw this
Although I did not meet you in real life, But I experienced a lot of good times with you in game

History never forgets loved ones

Rest in peace brother
by loveable4
12 Dec 2018 20:20
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: [Primal] Which Tank?
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Re: [Primal] Which Tank?

consider pw will ding wotlk content soon obviously each tank u chose , u'll gain something and u lose something some class's are good for some fights and bad for some other fight's only class that is good for every boss is paladin , so if u plan for long term tanking , go for it , as i said u'll hav...
by loveable4
11 Dec 2018 17:02
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Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

me and my sister's doughter in her 1st birthday
for ever young :lol: :lol: 8-) 8-)

by loveable4
09 Dec 2018 12:06
Forum: Guild Management
Topic: Have been asked to change the guild name
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Re: Have been asked to change the guild name

Can count on your fingers how many active guilds are there. Can’t really run the ball as if there were 500 players playing anymore. Should try to adjust the rules and help the ones still playing enjoy their experience. Renaming a guild is as effortless as running a command, no excuse except not wan...