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by Fitzpatrick
24 Sep 2017 13:09
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: New here :D !
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Re: New here :D !

Both Rogue and Warrior are good. Warriors are the best tank and strong DPSers in Arms at the moment, and Rogues are easily the best DPS for current 25-man content. If you level a warrior - just remember to go Protection for that sweet, sweet Revenge damage until at least level 40. Welcome to the ser...
by Fitzpatrick
23 Sep 2017 16:01
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Fire Causing Combat
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Re: Fire Causing Combat

Well played, sir
by Fitzpatrick
23 Sep 2017 15:31
Forum: Paladin
Topic: Are Protection Paladins viable?
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Re: Are Protection Paladins viable?

Can we not necro threads because we're upset?
by Fitzpatrick
23 Sep 2017 03:05
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Hello all
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Re: Hello all

Welcome. See you around!
by Fitzpatrick
22 Sep 2017 15:54
Forum: Events and Fan Creations
Topic: The Battle of the Bovine
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Re: The Battle of the Bovine

Bloodshade wrote:
22 Sep 2017 13:57
you do realize you can't do a ffa event in a small community without people teaming up, right?
Except I think you have the.effect backwards...
Guild members will slaughter each other joyfully before turning on the rest of the server :p
by Fitzpatrick
22 Sep 2017 15:51
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Current expansion
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Re: Current expansion

Just leave it at WOTLK. It wont affect your gameplay at all (everything past current content is locked) but people that had confusedly set their expansion to Vanilla had issues when TBC released.
by Fitzpatrick
20 Sep 2017 12:24
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Is this project alive?
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Re: Is this project alive?

Transfers usually take 24-48 hours unless there is a spike in requests. The transfer page used to say that but apparently lost it on the last edit. Also, check your PMs in case they were rejected.
by Fitzpatrick
20 Sep 2017 01:00
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: World Boss Release and Class Rebalancing Patch Notes
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Re: World Boss Release and Class Rebalancing Patch Notes

Shadow priests may not return as much mana as in retail, but at least they have legit DPS here. IIRC Shadow Priests were doing about half the damage of a hunter/rogue by T6. Seems like a fair trade )
by Fitzpatrick
19 Sep 2017 14:12
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Abuse and foul language
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Re: Abuse and foul language

Seems like he was just playing with you. If he's bothering you, just right click his name in chat and ignore him or type /ignore [name]
by Fitzpatrick
18 Sep 2017 15:25
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Prot pally single target threat
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Re: Prot pally single target threat

1) is your experience representative of the experience of the majority? Or just in your group/guild? There are still quirks to Paladin tanking that make things interesting on some fights (i.e. - requires mob to be attacking you and vulnerable to silence mechanics) that wont be fixed until 71+ abili...
by Fitzpatrick
12 Sep 2017 23:11
Forum: Player Reports
Topic: spammer in world chat.
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Re: spammer in world chat.

You can also use the report spam function. He was likely changing characters because he was automuted. Seems like the system was working.
by Fitzpatrick
10 Sep 2017 16:58
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Feral Druid Tweaking
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Re: Feral Druid Tweaking

I still question the necessity of this. I don't see many feral cats in raids, but I've seen them perform completely fine. I understand your points, but feral cats have already received a tuning pass and you're breezing right by actually demonstrating the need for more here. Maybe this is a rotation/...
by Fitzpatrick
09 Sep 2017 17:21
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Feral Druid Tweaking
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Re: Feral Druid Tweaking

We have had a feral around 2k dps on the last couple Gruul kills IIRC. Are we certain the previous tuning hasnt already done the job? Also, while cat swipe seems like a good idea on its own, opening up post-70 abilities is opening a huuuge can of worms and I think should be avoided if at all possibl...
by Fitzpatrick
09 Sep 2017 13:24
Forum: Pending
Topic: Elemental shaman
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Re: Elemental shaman

I tried getting suited up in SWP/BT gear and seeing if it was any better. Even with near 100% uptime of Elemental focus I could only last ~3 minutes only using LB and Flame Shock refreshing. Replenishment and other raid buffs may stretch that out to 4 minutes, but that is still not enough for a raid...