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by Earendur
29 Jan 2019 17:07
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Topic: Attempting to bring more players
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Re: Attempting to bring more players

Wow, that would have been nice to have been able to transfer all of my chars, before they (dethpod?) shutdown, instead of starting over from the beginning. As I had my own guild and a char for most all of the needed professions. But with everything working on this server and it's progression, I've e...
by Earendur
03 Oct 2017 19:35
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Topic: stuck at connecting again....
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Re: stuck at connecting again....

Yep, that makes several of us, I'm guessing. It was working but not now. Ah well, off to find something else to do over lunch.
by Earendur
06 Jun 2017 14:38
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Topic: Unknown donwtime PrimalWoW & PTR
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Re: Unknown donwtime PrimalWoW & PTR

Hope you get it figured out and fixed soon. Thanks for letting us know and keeping us updated with progress.
by Earendur
11 Dec 2015 16:45
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Topic: Pre Raid Gear Updated for BWL
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Re: Pre Raid Gear Updated for BWL

Wow, what a list! Thanks for posting this.