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by Fateless
19 Feb 2014 04:51
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Topic: Staying with WotLK
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Re: Staying with WotLK

Cata was the only expansion that I didn't like :P . I have characters on a Vanilla server, a TBC server, TrueWoW, as well as retail MoP and I play all of them. Personally for myself I would not play on a Cata server but given the quality of TrueWoW I'm sure it would be a great server if you chose to...
by Fateless
20 Dec 2013 03:13
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: New website
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Re: New website

Wow guys, I think it looks absolutely wonderful! Thanks to all of you who worked so hard ^_^
by Fateless
28 Oct 2013 19:58
Forum: Looking for Alliance players (TrueWoW)
Topic: NA raiding guild?
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Re: NA raiding guild?

<Survey Corps> is comprised almost entirely of North American players. Some members are still leveling but folks are hitting 80 every day and starting to gear up. If you're interested whisper a member in game for more information and or an invite.