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by petchx
27 Jul 2015 05:37
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: [H] Irontusk Warband Emerges
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[H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

== OVERVIEW == Irontusk Warband is a Horde side RP guild meant to cater to those who don't want to play the filthy Alliance. We are a general RP guild for now with a focus on leveling and having general IC (In-Character) guild chat. We accept all classes/races. New or old roleplayers welcome, and h...
by petchx
24 Jul 2015 12:50
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Hi new Player (soon)
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Hi new Player (soon)

hi Primal players! I've played retail WoW now since vanilla and recently felt very drained with the game in it's current state. I went back and found a vanilla server which, admittedly I love but the population on it can be overwhelmingly frustrating. Then a TBC server which everyone seems to be 70 ...