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by Anarion
29 Sep 2015 00:25
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: LFRP™, the new hip place to be.
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LFRP™, the new hip place to be.

LFRP is a common channel I've seen on quite a few private servers to bring RPers from various guilds and walks of life together to chat, talk about RP, Lore, RP events and just to hang out in general. I though I'd make a post to advertise it, and see if we can't get a community growing here. Yep, LF...
by Anarion
05 Sep 2015 22:41
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: RP addons, fun for the whole family!
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RP addons, fun for the whole family!

Just making a list of RP addons that I remember from retail. If anyone has suggestions or better links, I'll add them as they come. FlagRSP2 Direct link. Gryphonheart Items, for custom items h...
by Anarion
01 Jul 2015 03:19
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: A Theif's Reward.
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A Theif's Reward.

It's a midsummer event quest that requires you to steal each of the main cities' flames. Before the burning crusade, you'd only need the 3 from vanilla. However with this being Wrath, you need the one from Silvermoon, but as far as I understand, that is impossible to get at this time. I was wonderin...
by Anarion
01 Jul 2015 03:11
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: Anyone Interested?
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Re: Anyone Interested?

If people are interested in sparking a community, I can do my part to help nurture it. For those that are interested, you should join the channel LFRP. Did this on the new vanilla server Nostalrius and it really helped bring a community together. Although only active ones I've seen there are on Alli...