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by Warmart
18 Jul 2014 00:46
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Hunter Traps Abuse
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Re: Hunter Traps Abuse

Diryn wrote:
Shaharan wrote:And if you wanna bring up stuff about who owned who, last time I faced you i remember killing you in 3s :)
Oh really? Dude you have 1.2k rating team and 30% win you are so pro.
Seriously you never won against us, stop saying silly things here.
Lol. Get your facts straight.
by Warmart
05 Jul 2014 21:27
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Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Hei på deg Justice. Hvordan går det? :D
by Warmart
29 May 2014 14:43
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Leaving arena before it closes
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Re: Leaving arena before it closes

almost everyone is leaving arena like that. including myself
by Warmart
09 Apr 2014 22:59
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Charge, Intervene
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Re: Charge, Intervene

yup... Just lost in Arena cuz i fell through Texture using charge... fix this shiet..
by Warmart
19 Mar 2014 23:43
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Topic: Student in Norway
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Re: Student in Norway

i live in Norway! :D
by Warmart
16 Mar 2014 23:25
Forum: Raid & Dungeons
Topic: TrueWow Raid Progress
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Re: TrueWow Raid Progress

we be mad at your poor sporsmanship and your rudeness... other than that... I don't really care, sure RF is fun and grats for doing it but you're just.... meh.. is your real life so bad that you feel the need to boast in such a manner over an outdated game? are you being bullied irl due to somethin...
by Warmart
18 Jan 2014 03:56
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: 2v2 games
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Re: 2v2 games

noob! :D
by Warmart
15 Dec 2013 03:32
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Topic: me and my tremor <3
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Re: me and my tremor <3

HAHAHAHA, /hail keez
by Warmart
27 Oct 2013 20:29
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Topic: [Rejected] dueling zone with no cooldowns
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Re: dueling zone with no cooldowns

yah, on GC we had it like that. was a lot better.
by Warmart
24 Oct 2013 22:57
Forum: Resolved
Topic: jellen alt f4 abuse.
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Re: jellen alt f4 abuse.

u have nothing better to do then reporting ppl for nothing?
by Warmart
17 Sep 2013 09:51
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: mixed faction bgs
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Re: mixed faction bgs

LOL! What about the PvP offset Gear?? it sucks for allys getting around 1k Honor for each BG they are playing.
And this is not a Stupid post Rehan. it's actually a good idea. This would make BGs alot more balanced.
by Warmart
02 Sep 2013 15:53
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: AMS/Gnaw/Gargoyle bugged
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Re: AMS/Gnaw/Gargoyle bugged

Tervist is right. hex and cyclone should not go trough AMS.
by Warmart
12 Jul 2013 01:14
Forum: Newcomers
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Welcome timmy! osom having u around mate! :D
by Warmart
02 Jul 2013 13:26
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Topic: Cant login
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Re: Cant login

i cant login on my main account either. wtb some help.. have been w8ing for Roel to PM me back
by Warmart
01 Jul 2013 19:29
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Merge
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Re: Merge

we didnt have shadowmourne. and none had full WF set. only one player had wf shoulders cuz of lack of 3v3.