• Check range to fire totem when casting Fire Nova



    Icecrown Citadel

    • The Lich King encounter changes:
      • Cosmetic updates to timers (1-2 sec differences)
      • Raging spirit will pulse combat on agressive reaction
      • Fixed Raging Spirits spawning in second transition
    • Fixed Valitra Dreamwalker encounter start from far range
    • Offline player left for longer time will get ported to Northrend correctly (same as all other dungeons works)
    • Cosmetic fixes to Deathbringer Saurfang
      • Fixed outro event (horde)
      • Units will get properly moved into air after grip cast (intro event)
      • Deathbringer will act as dead (before he was left standind) when encounter is complete
    • Increased boundary south X data for Deathbringer Saurfang
    • Added few more creature formations
    • In case of necessary death of Crock Scourgebane, npc will get properly respawned
    • Fixed npc Nerub'ar Broodkeeper spawn fall animation
    • Some adjustments for Deathbound Ward
    • Blood Queen will properly fly up and fall on air phase transitions instead of "swimming animation"
    • Delay events for Sindragosa after grip by 1 second
    • Fixed possible Rotface and Festergut gates stuck issue
    • Updated Unchained Magic selector, selector will select 1 (or 3x on 25) healer and (or 3x on 25) dps at cast. If no dps was selected, both healers will get selected
    • Orbs at Blood Prince Council will hover all time
    • Fixed issue where Raging Spirits runs to middle of platform
    • Complete rewrite of Professor Purtricide insect trap event
    • Professor Purtricide oozes should never regen their health
    • Improved flame orb AI for BPC encounter
      • Flame orb will retarget new player ir current target just died
      • Flame orb wil wait for few moments before his chase movement
    • Updated Lady Deathwhisper spirits behaviour:
      • Changed target counts on dungeon modes: 10n/hc - 1, 25n - 2, 25hc - 3
      • Spirits won't target tanks
    • Fixed extra instance data load/save
    • Blistering Cold cast will begin after 2.5 sec after grip at Sindragosa encounter
    • Improvements to Blood Beasts (Deathbringer Saurfang):
      • Beasts will get activated in 2 second after spawn
      • Beasts will reset threat if they will get hit by aoe or multitarget damage and threat will setted to that spell caster
    • Some cosmetic changes for Sindragosa encounter:
      • Sindragosa air phase was increased from 30 to 40 sec
      • Boss will not cast Frost Bomb when 10 sec is left before landing
      • Sindragosa movement temporally will get suspended after grip cast and on Blistering Cold cast it will get enabled
    • Valkyrs at Lich King encounter will land to ground level properly

    Vault of Archavon

    • Archavon Leap target correction

    Caverns of Time: Battle for Mt Hyjal

    Black Temple

    • Fixed Illidary Council bosses going under textures
    • Updated damage and health modifiers

    The Nexus

    • Fixed Ormorok the Tree-Shaper's summoned crystal spikes rows
    • Removed wrong spawn group near Ormorok

    The Oculus

    • Ruby, Amber, Emerald drakes will get despawned if they are moved outside of Oculus






  • Scripted object Thaurissan Relic
  • Summoned pets properly will inherit owner hit chance
  • Major changes related to worldserver memory allocation (fixes issues like stabled pets loss, strange visual issues with characters creation/deletion and similar)