• Maelstorm Weapon will not effect current melee attack timer
    • Fixed earth and fire elemental guardians combat behavior

    Death Knight

    • Fixed Icy Clutch dispel (by Gildor)


    • Fixed snakes initial combat once they are summoned by "Snake Trap"


  • Complete crossfaction battlegrounds rewrite
  • Properly remove "Focused Assault" and "Brutal Assault" once player leaves battleground or battleground ends
  • Fixed crossfaction issues for shaman totems
  • Wintergrasp

    • Removed duplicate tower spawns in Wintergrasp

    Isle of Conquest

    • Added additional boundaries for bosses

    Strand of the Ancients

    • When passenger dies in demolisher, died passenger will get ejected properly

    Arathi Basin

    • Fixed achievement "Resilient Victory"
    • Fixed achievement "Arathi Basin Perfection"


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Improved conditions for Unchained Magic
    • Fixed npc Web Wrap incorrect movements
    • Fixed possible issues at Sindragosa gauntlet event where some spiders could move to incorrect positions
    • Fixed Frostblade animation (sindragosa gauntlet event)
    • More Sindragosa, Rimefang and Spinewalker movement adjustments
    • Adjusted Blistering Cold timer (Sindragosa encounter)
    • Added cosmetic aura to Stinky (By Rushor)
    • Added ribbon aura for Precious


    • Fixed some various minor events
    • Increased Collossus and Runeforged Sentries combat distance
    • Fixed possible issues where "Feral Defender" would never get respawned during combat and evade mode (Auriaya). Also improved Auriaya script
    • Properly despawn minions summoned in "Hard Mode" (Mimiron encounter)
    • Ensure that "Overload" spell will get casted by Stormcalled (Assembly of Iron)

    Blackrock Depths

    • Some visual adjustments for creature spawns

    Auchindoun: Mana Tombs

    Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills

    • Fixed possible Thrall visual movement glitches
    • Added missing creature formations

    Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts

    • Fixed Raging Soul combat behavior
    • Complete "Shirrak the Dead Watcher" encounter rewrite
    • Corrected "Exarch Maladaar" intro texts

    Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts

    • Complete Vazruden/Nazan encounter rewrite, added missing spells, fixed spell damage
    • Fixed Flame Blazier damage (Vazruden/Nazan encounter)


    • Added missing texts for npc "Calliard The Nightman"

    Obsidian Sanctum

    • Dungeon code refactor, fixed portal events

    Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls

    • Complete "Warchief Kargath Bladefist" encounter rewrite, added missing combat abbilities
    • Implemented crossfaction support for prisoner event (heroic)
    • Improved Shattered Hand Gladiator + added missing auras
    • Added missing Shattered Hand Centurion abbilities

    The Forge of Souls

    Drak'Tharon Keep

    • Fixed Scourge Reanimator intro event, event will get triggered only once

    Pit of Saron

    • Implemented crossfaction support for quest givers/finishers

    Black Temple

    • Added missing auras to base npcs
    • Corrected the Health Modifier for Shadowy Constructs for PrimalWoW realm
    • Illidan now rewards reputation on kill

    The Black Morass

    • Fixed evade issues

    Razorfen Downs

    Sunwell Plateu

    • Added missing creature formations
    • Make sure Felmyst won't perform melee attacks during first landing
    • Added missing Felmyst breath emote
    • Improvements for Felmyst intro event and air phase


    • Fixed Hungarfen combat events


    • Fixed Ormorok spikes damage


  • Fixed spells which used health power type
  • Fixed charge type spells which could end up with slow movement speeds
  • Corrected spell duration for Summon Demonic Vapor (Trail)
  • Corrected destination for spell Ith'rix's Carapace
  • Fixed Blade Ward enchant proc
  • Fixed "Blood Drinking" enchant proc
  • Fixed aoe based spells targets lookup range, this solves issues with spells like paladin "Divine Storm" vs Halion (Ruby Sanctum) or Sindragosa (Icecrown Citadel)


  • Various "Midsummer" event related fixes



  • Applied some improvements for npc Steel Gate Flying Machine
  • Creatures now will follow charmer on charm (by jackpoz)
  • When creature formation in re-engaged during evade, creature will properly re-enter combat
  • Added missing combat Skettis Surger abbilities
  • Spawned Terribus the Cruel in Terokkar Forest
  • Fixed some creatures position in Sholazar Basin
  • Move a Pyrewood Elder and a Moonrade Elder outside the Chimney
  • Improved script events for creature Wyrmbait
  • Updated visibility distance for various npcs in Icecrown area
  • Added missing immunities for npc Dimensius the All-Devouring
  • Fixed incorrect positions for some "Scion of Storm" spawns



  • Cyclic movement fixes (by jackpoz)
  • Implement Warsong Hold Invasion event with Nerub'ar Sky Darkener's and Ith'rix the Harvester.
  • Added missing RaF system error messages for "Summon Friend" feature. If level range limit is exceed, summon will not get performed
  • Fixed RaF "Summon Friend" feature
  • Implemented Argent Tournament Val'kyr event
  • Improved swimming and flying creatures movement
  • Implemented Auchenai - Death-Speaker ritual event
  • Pets resets cooldown when summoned (by Keader)
  • Fixed vote kick functionality (Dungeon Finder), now players will can set kick reason properly
  • Vehicle parachute will get applied only if vehicle is in air (at passenger removal)
  • Fixed some spawns in "The Court of Bones" area
  • As usual lots of performance/stability fixes/improvements