Death Knight

    • Some adjustments to rune cooldowns
    • some adjustments for Blood Tap


    • Adjusted Water Elemental health


    • Adjusted pets damage
    • Reworked Feign Death mechanic


  • Restored Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron average item level requirement
  • Icecrown Citadel

    • Dark Nucleus will recast resonance resist properly on target change
    • Just recently summoned Flame Orb at Blood Prince Council will have delayed combat movement
    • Adjusted Blood Queen's Pact of the Dark Fallen timer
    • Added some boundaries to Sindragosa Gauntlet npcs
    • Updated Sindragosa's Rimefang and Spinestalker movement
    • Added delay for Blood Beasts re-targetting
    • Lower Spire traps will get despawned if Lord Marrowgar is defeated
    • Increased Lower Spire spirit traps position randomize distance
    • Blood beast will not parry, will not counter attack on parry and will not do critical damage
    • Adjusted Prince Keleseth nucleus orbs summon distance
    • Disable evade mode for gunship cannons
    • Corrected Insect Swarm spell at Professor Purtricide trap and adjusted its range
    • Adjusted Lord Marrowgar damage
    • Added knockback immunity to Saurfang and Muradin (gunship battle)
    • Adjusted muradin and saurfang cleave timers (gunship battle)
    • Adjusted Muradin and Saurfang damage (gunship)
    • Muradin and Saurfang melee attack timer will get resetted before cleave cast to not get 2x damage at same time (gunship)
    • Adjusted Blood Beasts damage
    • Corrected gunship event texts and texts timers (Alliance and Horde versions)
    • Added missing Lich King texts and fixed Fury of Frostmourne cast animation
    • Fixed Rocketer evade issues at gunship
    • Reduced run speed for Vengeful Shade (Lady Deathwhisper encounter)
    • Added missing auras to Frostwing npcs (25 modes)
    • Rotface's Big Ooze will start chasing player in walk speed + adjusted damage
    • Adjusted damage for Rotface
    • Adjusted damage for Icecrown Gunship Battle battle npcs
    • Added another possible fix Valkyr Shadowguard player grabbing in AIR (need feedback)
    • Adjusted damage for Deathnringer Saurfang (10 man normal ONLY)
    • Delay Deathbringer Saurfang combat by 5 seconds when he casts grip on soldiers
    • Fixed Blood Queen's essence removal
    • Corrected Shadowguard Valkyrs hover height
    • Lich KIng's defile should always hit target


    • Fixed gameobject "Celestial Planetarium Access" script to get Algalon encounter started

    Utgarde Pinnacle

    • Implemented harpoons activation event at Skadi encounter



    • Re-scripted creature "Arcane Anomaly" script

    Magister's Terrace

    • Fixed Brightscale Wyrn's Energy Infusion cast on death to players
    • Re-scripted Sunblade Mage Guardian
    • Selin Fireheart won't get pulled when player pulls nearby units
    • Added npcs visuals
    • Caster type creatures will start using their abbilities instantly on pull
    • Scripted Sunblade Sentinel
    • Energy Infusion changed to positive buff
    • Adjusted Priestess Delrissa encounter movement (boss + summoned adds)
    • Arcane Spheres (at Kaelthas encounter) will be able to fly

    Pit of Saron

    • Fixed skeleton waves respawn time
    • Ick's Shadowbolt will hit only players

    Trial of the Champion

    • Grand champions, instead of using melee attacks at mounted battle, will do Thrust spell cast

    Black Temple

    • Another possible fix to solve Aqueous Spawn combat issues

    The Oculus

    • Mage-Lord Urom will summon his minions after full cast
    • Scripted Mage-Lord Urom spell abbility Time Bomb
    • Added missing Drakos the Interrogator texts + adjusted timers
    • Fixed evade issues for Mage-Lord Urom


    • Fixed Nalorakk gauntlet aggro range
    • Fixed the amount of adds being sent in to battle at Nalorakk Gauntlet
    • Fixed Narolakks Orientation for each waypoint.
    • Rescripted creature "Soaring Eagle" script
    • Corrected Hex Lord Malacrass's Position
    • Removed incorrect spawns and spawned Zul'Jin Spirits
    • Adjusted Zul'jin spirit drain visual
    • Scripted animal spirits
    • Added Spell Script for "Cosmetic - Zul'Aman Spirit Drained"
    • Added Spell Script for "Return to the Spirit Realm"
    • Complete rewrite of Zuljin combat fight events
    • Implement the Hex Lord Malacrass exit door script and Zul'jin intro
    • Spell "Banging the Gong" will get interrupted on movement or spell cast
    • Fixed the formation for the first Amani'shi handler patrol with the crocolisks
    • Corrected Amani'shi Lookout Position.
    • Fixed the Halazzi exit door. Exit door should be closed untill the encounter is done.
    • All bosses now despawn at evade.
    • Fixed Zul'jin's overpower
    • Corrected the level on Zul'jin's summoned Feather Vortex.
    • Implemented Zul'jin intro
    • The hex lord exit door no longer opens when the boss dies but gets unlocked and selectable
    • Implemented Akilzon Gauntlet
    • Re-scripted Amani'shi Tempest
    • Implemented map-wise Hex Lord texts


  • Fixed Protection, Agility and Strength scrolls stacking. These scrolls won't get overridden by other spells



  • Fixed most creatures targetting after evade/reset
  • Added evade mode delay for units in dungeons
  • Added invisibility detection for all major cities guards
  • Forced creatures to clear their targets during evade mode (starring issues)



  • Disabled MMAPS pathing only for players which are on transports
  • Enabled quest givers and adjusted vendors in Wintergrasp. Stone Keeper's shards also will get dropped from 5 man dungeons (normal and heroic)


  • Fixed Nibelung summoned valkyr movement (normal and heroic items)
  • Fixed "Val'anyr Hammer of Ancient Kings" proc on Glyph of Holy Light