• Ouro - increased the delay of Mounds spawning in Phase 3
    • C'thun - Should no longer engage upon moving downstairs/entering the room.


    • Sapphiron - increased pull range to 45 yards
    • Sapphiron - implemented partial frost resistance
    • (PW) Gluth - increased Enrage timer
    • (PW) made bosses immune to Taunt effects
    • Gothik the Harvester - removed Shackle immunity from Phase 1 mobs
    • (PW) Loatheb - Corrupted Mind abilitiy will now include Holy Nova aswell

    Auchindoun: Mana Tombs

    • rescripted several creatures (Ethereal Crypt Raider, Ethereal Scavenger, Ethereal Sorcerer, Ethereal Darkcaster, Ethereal Priest)
    • Pandemonius linked to all mobs in the room
    • Nexus-Prince Shaffar linked to all mobs in the room


  • removed DND Holiday Love Bunnies from player sight


  • Ghostlands - scripted several creatures (Dreadbone Sentinel, Ghostclaw Lynx, Starving Ghostclaw, Mistbat, Vengeful Apparition)
  • Nagrand - rescripted lots of creatures (Goretooth, Bro'Gaz the Clanless, Voidhunter Yar, Zorbo the Advisor, Warmaul Chef Bufferlo, Watoosun's Polluted Essence, Windyreed Wretch, Windyreed Scavenger, Warmaul Brute, Warmaul Shaman, Warmaul Reaver, Windroc, Tusker , Terrorguard, Reth'hedron the Subduer, Skra'gath, Ortor of Murkblood, Muck Spawn, Mogor, Mo'arg Master Planner, Mo'arg Engineer, Murkblood Invader, Murkblood Brute, Murkblood Putrifier, Murkblood Raider, Lake Surger, Lake Spirit, Gan'arg Tinkerer, Gava'xi, Giselda the Crone, Gutripper, Felguard Legionnaire, Enraged Crusher, Dust Howler, Deathshadow Overlord, Durn the Hungerer, Cho'war the Pillager, Clefthoof Bull, Clefthoof, Coosh'hooosh)