Death Knight

    • Death Grip will interrupt creature targets (on certain criterias)
    • Fixed more possible Deathknight death rune usage issues
    • Fixed risen ghoul combat issues
    • Fixed Copied Icy Touch damage for Dancing Rune Weapon


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Removed double auras from Forstwing gauntlet npcs
    • Fixed Blood Queen Lanathel berserk timer


    • Fixed number of Laughing Skull summoned on Yogg Saron
    • Partially fixed Hodirs Shatter rare cache visual
    • Fixed Kologarn arms behaviour. They won't respawn after boss death
    • Remaining Storm Beacons will get destroyed when Flame Leviathan is killed
    • Thorims Deafening Thunder will no longer Evade for nearby allies
    • Removed Incorrect and messy Leviathan doors.
    • Made the Mimiron tram move on its own for now (like a normal transport).

    Upper Blackrock Spire

    • Fixed runes activation

    Blackrock Depths

    • High Priestess of Thaurissan rewrite (Ianislav Vasilev)

    Auchindoun: Mana Tombs

    • Updated Pandemonius timers

    Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts

    • Added Shirrak the Dead Watcher heroic spell entries
    • Increased Exarch Maladaar intro text range

    Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth

    • Added Murmur heroic difficulty spell entries


    • Fixed Prince Malchezaar infernal positions

    Vault of Archavon

    • Added missing grip immunities


    • Warlord Kalithresh will properly perform melee attacks while channeling to distiler

    The Botanica

    • Added Warp Splitter heroic difficulty spells


    • Nethermancer Sepethrea encounter rewrite
    • Implemented Raging Flames damage
    • Complete rewrite of Pathaleon the Calculator
    • implemented Pathaleon gauntlet

    Gruul's Lair

    • Adjusted respawn time for Gronn Priest and Lair Brute

    Magtheridon's Lair

    • Fixed a case when channelers get hit kill and not start fight

    Halls of Reflection

    • Fixed Escape event summons movement if players goes too far
    • Transport stairs will get far visible when transport completely stops

    Drak'Tharon Keep

    • Last boss will stay immune if Novos isn't killed
    • Removed combat immunity for Drakkiri bat riders

    Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

    Trial of the Champion

    • Fixed Crashes related to recent targeting rewrite

    Halls of Stone

    • Sjonir Static Charge will no't hit Sjonir itself

    The Culling of Stratholme

    • Fixed waves spawning scripts

    Utgarde Keep

    • Adjusted Prince Keleseth summon visuals
    • Ticking time bomb won't get selectable
    • Third wall Forgemaster will evade if pervious walls aren't opened

    Halls of Litghning

    • Slag will not get respawned if Vulkhan is killed
    • Golems will get properly despawned if volkhan is dead


    • Implemented Timed Event prisoners death and rescue events
    • Added missing Halazzi texts
    • Added money to Gold coins spawned by chests
    • Added Hex Lord Malacrass summoned minions death texts
    • Implemented Hex Lord Malacrass texts which are used after prisoners was rescued
    • Implemented Hex Lord Malacrass mind control text (only if shadow priest class is copied)
    • Hex Lord Malacrass Wooden Doors gate will get accessable after instance load if encounter was completed
    • Zuljin gauntlet improvements
    • Implemented intro texts for Akilzon, Nalorakk, Halazzi
    • Added more pathings for patrolling npcs
    • Redesigned gong event, event will get based on made aura ticks instead, more players will click it, more faster it will happen
    • Akilzon Gust of Wind will not target tanks
    • Implemented Zuljin transition emotes
    • Implemented missing Akilzon emote for Electrical Storm
    • Fixed Forest Frogs - only specific entries can be vendors
    • Akilzon gauntlet will get respawned after 30 mins, if in case encounter is in progress, this will get delayed by 5 mins
    • Janalai will not rotate during Fire Breath cast
    • Implemented synchronized eggs checks for Janalai Hatchers
    • Updated Amani'shi Lookout sigh and agroo distances
    • Increased Amanishi Scout sigh/combat distance
    • Implemented dynamic Timed Event loots
    • Prisoners cages will get properly opened on instance load if they were rescued
    • Fixed Zuljin Vortexes combat behaviour
    • Implemented basic Amani Dragonhawk movement visual
    • Fixed Amanishi Reinforcements movement


    • Complete dungeon respawn (Kilyana)

    Sethekk Halls

    • Added Darkweaver Syth heroic difficulty spell entries
    • Added Talon King Ikiss heroic difficulty spells


    • Archaedas will properly start now when clicking on the altar






  • Prevent rooted units from falling
  • Vehicle will cast parachute to player if he is in air on eject event + implemented special flags which will force to cast it by non flying vehicles
  • Fixed huge amount of possible crash cases
  • Allow queue to arenas while in battleground queue
  • Fixed some spells appearing as available at trainer when they are already known
  • Ported TrinityCore visibility implementation for objects, creatures
  • Add proper cooldowns to some spells used by vehicles (Wyrserth)
  • Anticheat adjustments, its more agressive now
  • Do not allow lfg groups to change the loot mode (Ovah)