• Fixed Blink/Charge pathing on "Stairs" or similar areas where could be Z height based (and different too) polygons
  • Player minions now can have spell crits
  • Shaman

    • Ensured that Stoneclaw totem will get attackable (it had rare case to not be selected)


    • Reworked "Arcane Potency" proc


    • "Death Coil" will not crit


  • Dont allow players to enter vehicles in arena or battleground


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Lord Marrowgar ability "Bone Storm" damage now deals direct damage
    • Fixed PAA spell effect for Coldflame (ICC, Lord Marrowgar)
    • Adjusted Nerubar Bloodkeeper caster chase distance


    • Reworked Flame Leviathan vehicle seats, added missing turrets
    • Updated Brundir hover movement
    • Fixed spell Flame Vents (Flame Leviathan)
    • Fixed Flame Leviathan turrets and rockets behavior if Flame Leviathan is shutted down
    • Fixed tower buffs for Flame Leviathan (defense system)
    • Fixed "Missile Barrage" damage effect (Flame Leviathan)
    • Implemented "Load into Catapult" and "Throw Passenger" demolisher spells
    • Reworked base camp and Flame Leviathan camp vehicle spawns
    • Implemented overload events for Flame Leviathan
    • Reworked Flame Leviathan shutdown event again
    • When player enters to Flame Leviathan turret seat, player will get extra immunities related to base boss abilities
    • Implemented achievement "Take Out Those Turrets"

    Eye of Eternity

    • Fixed exit portal while on vehicle


  • Make sure that "Kill Credit: Deliver Sack" will get casted on vehicle seat target
  • All bleed effects will ignore armor


  • Rescripted "The Chain Gun And You"
  • Fixed availability of a "Tale of Valor"
  • Reworked 'Taken by the Scourge'


  • Azuregos, Ysondre, Lethon, Emeriss and Taerar will have random respawn time between 3 and 10 days
  • Reworked Time Lost Proto Drake and Vygrosa spawns pooling
  • Added "White Murloc" Egg to "Riplash Ruins"
  • Treat Jeeves as minion
  • Change how "Stitch's" is spawned in Duskwood or moving
  • Fixed movement for "Bone Guard Scout"
  • Update script for "Plagued lands bear" - will properly give credit


  • Completely remove 60% melee miss cap as there is no proof of its existence (work is partially based on ariel, some specific modifications been done)
  • Allow to use potions in other druid forms (cat, bear and etc). Original work is done by ELdoBA
  • Vehicles with energy power type will have 100% energy at summon
  • Rewrite vehicle seat swapping
  • Make sure that grid will get loaded for newly summoned npcs
  • Allow master looter to see all items (by jackpoz)
  • Vehicles with "Steam" and "Pyrite" power type will have full power at init
  • Re-work spawn times for mineral and herb nodes again so spawn times are random
  • Increase number of herbs spawned in Mulgore