• Fixed wrong players amounts for all arenas
  • Some fear, poly movement adjustments in bgs and arenas.
  • Dalaran Arena and Ring of Valor were fixed and enabled


  • Fixed possible random issues with instance data loss after binding
  • Icecrown Citadel

    • If crossfaction groups are enabled, faction leaders in instance will become friendly (horde player enters first, instance sets horde version and leader is alliance and can't talk with faction leader to remove buff)
    • Fixed Rimefang movement
    • Implemented Sindragosa outro movement
    • Implemented alliance outro event, corrected horde intro text delays, horde and alliance camps and other visuals when Deathbringer Saurfang encounter is complete
    • Corrected Rimefang and Spinestalker landing positions
    • Improved lower spire wyrm land movement and combat AI
    • Saurfang and Muradin will perform cleave ONLY if current target is in melee range (Gunship battle)
    • Corrected Saurfang and Muradin guardians facing after they gets chocked into air
    • Added missing creature emotes at entrance
    • Fixed Entrance intro event texts ranges
    • Sindragosa now will cast 4th ice bomb (air phase)
    • Sindragosa will properly face to ice bomb direction
    • Shadowguard Valkyr (LK encounter) will properly update ground position when charges target
    • Sindragosa mythic buffet will count only when it hits players (required for achievement "All You Can Eat")
    • Implemented upper spire portal intro event
    • Fixed Flame Orb and Dark Nucleus hover heights
    • Removed wrong spawns at Blood Prince Council encounter

    Trial of the Crusader

    • Nerubian Burrower will not submerge or emerge if he has Permafrost aura

    Upper Blackrock Spire

    • Some more adjustments to runes activation

    Blackrock Depths

    • Spectators will turn into neutral once Ring of Law is completed


    • Netherspite's spell Netherbreath will properly makes facing to selected target

    The Arcatraz

    Vault of Archavon

    • Added pathing and missing immunities to elementals, fixed Frozen Orb speeds for 25 man mode

    The Botanica

    • Commander Sarannis will summon her reinforcements near her position in 5 yards distance instead of static position
    • Added missing "High Botanist Freywinn" waypoint emotes
    • Optimized tree form summons count checks, boss data will get properly set when he is killed, made timers a bit better, High Botanist Freywinn encounter
    • Thorngrin the Tender revamp, sacrifice selector won't select player who already has sacrifice aura, small code refactors and optimizations
    • Corrected Thorngrin Hellfire spell target
    • Laj revamp, when boss is teleported, boss will get rooted for 2.5 seconds until summons will get summoned, fixed invalid Z height, complete events rewrite
    • Complete Warp Splinter rewrite, summons will move slower, implemented missing visuals, warp splinter events were completely rewritten, instance data will get properly set on boss death
    • Corrected two guardians positions


    • Fixed Nethermancer Sepethrea movement speed
    • Implemented Pathaleon gauntlet
    • Mechano Lord summons will move to random location on summon
    • Fixed Nethermancer Sepethrea's Raging flames elementals movement speeds

    Gruul's Lair

    • Olm the Summoner will not start attack with melee attacks by default

    Halls of Reflection

    • Force Lich King summons movement to faction leader if target is not accessible

    Drak'Tharon Keep

    • Added boundary data for Novos

    Pit of Saron

    • Scourge Lord Tyranus gauntlet emote now is going to be map wide

    Tempest Keep - The Eye

    • Astromancer will call nearby creatures for assist
    • Alar will use fly movement in waypoints

    The Oculus

    • Mage-Lord Urom will get activated after some delay, after last platform


    • Fixed intro text sound id and range for Akilzon
    • Fixed Akilzon gauntlet trigger getting activating gauntlet too early
    • All Akilzon gauntlet npcs will have invisibility detection
    • Fixed all boss intro text ranges
    • Fixed Ashli emote
    • Fixed prisoners sacrifice event
    • Fixed Kraz gossip text
    • Hex lord Malacrass will no longer perform prisoner saved texts if he is dead.
    • Adjusted Nalorakk's timers, made sure Zul'jins Enrage will work.
    • Fixed Corrected Claw Rage.
    • Fixed Lynx rush plus other changes.
    • Fixed issue where harkor was always sacraficed only
    • Prisoner won't get sacrificed if their nearest boss is killed


    • Underbat's Lash will hit targets only on his back
    • Large AOI underbat will be able to fly, it will fix one of best visuals in underbog

    The Shattered Halls

    • Added boundary data for boss Grand Warlock Nethekurse


  • Spell effect "EffectHealMaxHealth" will get reduced by SPELL_AURA_MOD_HEALING_PCT modifier





  • More improvements to anticheat system
  • Fixed Ethernal Prison object reset and respawn issue
  • Some more various spline movement fixes
  • Do not allow lfg groups to change the loot mode (by Ovah)
  • Improved more spell effects in SAI
  • Fixed various crashes happened in june
  • Some movement corrections related to hover and flying movement
  • Fixed gameobject range check for spells, fixed arathi herbs and etc issues