• Wrecking Crew and Fury talent "Enrage" will not stack with Death Knight's Hysteria

    Death Knight

    • Only single Hysteria aura is allowed on target + it will not stack with warrior Death Wish spell


    • Rejuvenation will not get affected by positive auras when its copy by druid T10 resto set 4 bonus


    • Feign Death will properly wipe casters threat on target - reworked feign death mechanic


    • Fixed felhunter move away issues when he is at stay command and casting some spells


    Strand of the Ancients

    • Fixed issues with Titan's Relic activation


  • Add Orb of the Blue Flight spawns in SunWell and Magisters' Terrace
  • Trial of the Crusader

    • Twin Valkyrs will evade together
    • Corrected Barret spawn position

    Utgarde Pinnacle

    • Svala Sorrowgrave event now is triggered once player enters to room instead of specific distance + various boss combat improvements

    Blackwing Lair

    • Added boundaries, fixed movements for bosses
    • Fixed Victor Nefarian respawn time

    Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts

    • SAI scripts rework, fixed visuals, added missing pathing

    Dire Maul

    The Arcatraz

    Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls

    • Complete Shattered Halls respawn, pathing, SAI rework

    Drak'Tharon Keep

    • Implemented missing texts, handlers are now summoned in two sides, adjusted minion summon timers (Novos encounter)
    • Scripted on-low-health behavior for Darkweb Recluse

    Pit of Saron

    • Fixed fixate behavour for Ick & Krick encounter
    • Fix Ick whisper text

    Culling of Startholme

    • Open exit gates once Malganis encounter is completed


    • Complete Underbog spawns adjustments, pathing rework


    • Added missing spawns



  • Fixed possible event npcs combat issues near Dark portal (Dark portal event)
  • Implemented game event "Operation Gnomeregan"





  • Prevent players below level 58 from using Dark Portal to get to Outlands (improved condition
  • Hover, flee, confused, targetted movement fixes
  • Completely respawned "Foot Steppes" area
  • Completely respawned "Frigid tomb" area
  • Completely respawned "Steel Gate" area
  • Added Blades edge mountains scripts for obsidias, insidion, furywing and rivendarks eggs
  • Fix despawn of Fel Crystal Prism when used
  • Fix interaction distance for Crashed Plague Sprayer
  • Completely respawned "Skorn" area
  • Scripted Argent Tournament Events
  • Make units with large hit box not move away from already close targets
  • Respawned Azuremyst Isle
  • Fixed phasing in "Foot Steppes" area for alliance players
  • Added missing spawns to "Area 52" area