Death Knight

    • Fixed dancing rune weapon melee damage
    • Some more adjustments to Blood Tap


    • Adjusted T10 holy paladin set 4 bonus



    • Warlock pet base damage fix


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Valitra Dreamwalker will properly respawn required creatures on wipe
    • Corrected Lord Marrowgar's Bone Slice targets amount
    • Fixed Sister Svalna combat movement
    • Corrected teleporter teleport location to "Upper Spire"


    • Implement Hodir's Rare Cache of Winter gameobjects (regular and hard mode)
    • Properly reset freya events on wipe
    • Fixed Freya's Ward summons - won't despawn instantly
    • Added immunity for movement ipairing effects for Flame Leviathan
    • Complete rework of Siege Engine and Salvaged Demolisher
    • Added missing recipes drops to all Bosses

    Trial of the Crusader

    • Twin valkyrs will properly stop hovering at death
    • Fixed Twin Valkyrs hover movement

    Utgarde Pinnacle

    • Fixed combat ranges
    • Fixed Svala hover height for heroic mode
    • Skadi summons will perform emerge properly before movement

    Upper Blackrock Spire

    • Added possible fix for door stuck after rune protectors kill


    • Boss Jeklik will properly move to target on pull

    Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace

    • Fixed Borgokk event stuck issues
    • Added Badge of Justice loot for Keli'dan the Breaker

    Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills

    • Implemented Captain Skarloc intro

    Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth

    • Fixed Murmur threat reset issues
    • Adjusted Resonance timer for Murmur
    • Ambasador Hellmaw will properly play banish animation
    • Removed wrong emotes from creatures


    Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls

    The Forge of Souls

    • Fixed Wailing Souls rotate behaviour on current target hit
    • Fixed Well of Souls
    • Adjusted Bjarngrim events timers


    • Nethermancer Sepethrea should fall on death

    Halls of Reflection

    • Updated trash attack behaviour
    • Escape event summons will properly finish their animation before chasing
    • Adjusted first two encounters waves to start attack after some delay after their activation
    • Fixed one more random wave stuck issue (first encounters)
    • Added missing emote to Marwyn and Falric bosses
    • Falric will not attack or do spell casting on fear cast

    Drak'Tharon Keep

    • Fixed combat radius for most npcs

    Pit of Saron

    • Interrupt Krick when Ick is killed (stop explosives cast)

    Caverns of Time: Battle for Mt Hyjal

    • Complete rewrite of Rage Winterchill
    • Fixed instance data saving/loading
    • Complete Anetheron rewrite

    Violet Hold

    • Fixed Cyanigosa intro
    • void sentries will get killed after summoner is killed (Zuramat encounter)

    Halls of Stone

    • Complete Brann Bronzebeard event rewrite
    • Gates are now closed, they will get opened on specific boss kills

    The Culling of Stratholme

    • Adjusted Jaina and Uther movement

    Black Temple

    • Veras Darkshadow will do melee attacks only if he isn't vanished
    • Fixed illidari council shared health
    • Booming Voice (Coilskar General) will not scale
    • Disgruntled will hit only one target (used by Bonechewer Taskmaster)
    • Fixed Reliquery of Souls - Essence of Suffering Fixate.
    • Adjusted events for Essence of Suffering.
    • Gurtogg Bloodboil's Acidic Wound will casted only in phase 1.
    • Making shadow demons follow the target correctly.
    • Added some taunt immunities.
    • Fixed possible Illidari Council respawn issues
    • Fixed Mother shahraz Fatal Attraction.
    • Corrected Hit boxes for Reliquary of Souls bosses.
    • Fixed Ashtongue Primalist movement
    • Eye Blast Adjustments and removed durplicate spawns (Illidan encounter)

    The Nexus

    • Added missing spell effects for Magus Talestra

    The Oculus

    • Fixed "Planar" phase at Ergos encounter

    Halls of Lightning

    • Ionar summons will use base attack behaviour for movement
    • Added visual effects to Loken's Lightning Nova cast
    • Added missing Ionar summons visuals
    • Gates are now closed, they will get opened on specific boss kills


  • Fixed Seed of Corruption damage (generic spells used by creatures)




  • Removed wrong drops of Book of Glyph mastery from on wotlk locations


  • Melee range calculation adjustments
  • Fixed chase movement destination calculations
  • Adjusted object questgivers iteraction distance
  • Some adjustments to pet movement distance
  • Some adjustments to formation movement
  • Increased minerals and herbs max amount for most classic, tbc and wotlk areas
  • Unsummon pets when entering to vehicles
  • Added custom feature to disable/enable dungeon finder bindings
  • Pet combat/follow movement adjustments
  • Fixed possible random evade issues
  • Some vehicle adjustments related to accessories