• "Taste of Blood" will not proc when damage is absorbed or missed


    • Improved "Chain Heal" targetting - it will try to select lowest health based targets

    Death Knight

    • Some corrections for pets abbilities ap scaling


    • Improved "Prayer of Mending" targetting behaviour - it will try to target lowest health based targets
    • "Circle of Healing" will get applied to caster if targets list is empty
    • Rapture will ignore LOS


    • "Revitalize" will ignore LOS
    • Wild Growth will not target non friendly targets. Also in case if there is no targets or current target is invalid, it will target original caster instead


  • Limit pets attack distance in bgs and arenas


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Targets which has Immunity based auras (Ice Block, Divine Shield) will not get gripped by Sindragosa Icy Grip
    • Sindragosa "Tank Marker" aura will prevent targets from getting Tombed or Ice Gripped. Aura is applied to only current victim and will last 30 seconds

    Drak'Tharon Keep

    • Some minor combat improvements "Drakkari Shaman"

    Culling of Startholme

    • Fixed minor issue where Arthas could not teleport to house loc
    • Spell Corrupting Blight will get removed after map change


    • Some minor adjustments to prevent incorrect Nalorakk Behaviors during gauntlet
    • Janalai will have more strickier 35% hp checks (releases all hatchlings at this or lower hp pct)

    Sunwell Plateu

    • Kiljaeden orb will get spawned within 30s after kill


  • Added missing progress / completion texts for some battered hilt quests


  • Fixed Chillmaw minions
  • Some script improvements for Eva Sarkhoff and Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher
  • Rescripted "Redeemed Hatchling"
  • fixed Emerald Dream based wolrd bosses current target teleport


  • Greeded/needed items if inventory is full, now are sent via mailbox (only in group/raid)
  • Fixed Oozing Bag Loot
  • Changed "Time Lost Proto Drake" drop chance to 100% (was 99% before)


  • Improved Deathforge Mine
  • Updated Demon Portal & Demon Portal (Zuluhed)