• Fixed Lava Lash 25% Flametongue Bonus Damage bonus

    Death Knight

    • Dancing Rune Weapon damage scaling tunning
    • Initial Raise Ally rework
    • Death Strike will heal on any unit based diseases count


    • Fixed Hammer of Justice interrupt effect on creatures


    • Corrected Empowered Fire mana regen percent
    • Enabled melee attacks for Water elemental if has 1% or less mana


    • Fixed Bash interrupt effect on creatures


    • Blade Flurry will ignore armor and will properly share damage
    • Added rule for talent "Hack and Slack" - will not target its own caster for attack


    • Fixed possible pet loose issue on changing specs


    • Seed of Corruption will not ignore LOS


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Fixed various combat issues
    • Valitra Dreamwalker initial Archmages respawn improvements
    • Reduced big oozes movement speed (Rotface encounter)
    • Another possible fix for gunship cannons not getting frozen properly
    • High Priest will cast Dark Reconning on random target + fixed its effect
    • Fixed Sindragosa causing dimishing returns
    • Increased Sindragosa corpse despawn time
    • Bosses loots rewrite


    • Fixed possible combat stuck issue in Elder Stonebark

    Utgarde Pinnacle

    • Fixed instance data


    • Properly reset events for Thadius + crash fix

    Caverns of Time: The Black Morass

    • Rewrote despawn mechanic for summoned creatures
    • Instance will not show worldstates while instance event is not started or if its finished

    Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills

    • Basic implementation of Epoch Hunter waves


    • Fixed Moroes encounter npcs resetting Moroes state
    • Reduced Shade of Aran combat range


    • Complete Warlord Kalithresh rewrite
    • Mekgineer Steamrigger rewrite

    The Forge of Souls

    • Reduced movement speed for Unleashed Spirits

    Trial of the Champion

    • Added immunities to summoned memories
    • At mounted fight mounted npcs will properly switch targets on charge

    Azjol Nerub

    • Implemented Anubarak intro text + fixed possible evade issues

    Violet Hold

    • Some improvements to Cyanigosa's Tail Sweep

    Blood Furnace

    • Brogokk prisoners respawn event rewrite

    Culling of Startholme

    • Complete dungeon events rewrite:
      • Arthas will get respawned to last finished encounter on death. Also will continue needed waypoints
      • Arthas waypoint rework based on retail data
      • First two encounters waves are completely random. Spawn location is announced to players on wave summon
      • Many missing visual effects
      • Malganis will transform citizens into zombies instantly
      • Added missing emotes
      • Arthas will heal other players (with cooldown)
      • Burning streets were cleared - they has less elites
      • Zombies respawns a bit faster
      • Added missing waypoints to creatures

    The Nexus

    • Implemented Magus Telestra visual effects + adjusted timers
    • Implemented Keristraza initial encounter visuals
    • Implemented Ormorok encounter visuals + updated timers


    • Janalai Hatchers summon timer corrections
    • Janalai Hatchers will use run movement instead of walk
    • Janalai Hatchers will summon only 3 summons at once
    • Janalai will properly respawn eggs on reset
    • Scripted Amanishi Scout event
    • Implemented Janalai intro texts
    • Reduced Fire Bomb damage radius (Janalai encounter)
    • Implemented Zuljin spel "Claw Rage" effect
    • Scripted Akilzon's "Electrical Storm" spell aura
    • Fixed Zuljin's Energy Storm debuff removal
    • Complete Halazzi event rewrite


    • Sergeant Blyn event improvements

    Shadowfang Keep

    • Prisoners were updated for crossfaction


  • Double seperate spell auras will get saved and loaded properly. For example 2x weapons and they both has Berserker enchantment applied, so if both items will proc Berserker buffs, both buffs will get saved/loaded on logout/login.
  • Fixed Breathing Tube channeling
  • Fixed spell Temper Quel'Delar event
  • Properly interrupt casting on movement (some exceptions included)
  • Reworked spell cast prevention stuff




  • Many performance optimizations
  • Various updates related to hover movement
  • LFG will teleport players to other players instead of dungeon entrance when continuing a LFG dungeon
  • Escort npcs will not despawn at far range
  • Pets now are unable to attack invisible triggers
  • Ingame based unstuck feature will port player to starting zone or to nearest graveyard
  • Mmaps movement improvements
  • Disable Mmaps movement for pets on transports


  • Fixed Anti-Venom dispel effect
  • Corrected heirloom items xp calculation