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Founded 23 Apr 2018

Cacha's guild.
Naxxramas rules:

ALL Splinters of Atiesh go to Cacha until she has her 40
Sapphiron shoulder enchants will be mastered, as well as Kel'Thuzad's Phylactery
Corrupted Ashbringer will be through GDKP (Highest gold bid, the gold will be split between all raid members after raid)
Tier pieces will be mastered to anyone on their last few pieces, other than that free roll
You may roll on wartorn scraps if you wish, within your armor usage
Other items are free role, but may be overruled depending on circumstances.

If you need materials for the Tier quests (excluding scraps, those are in short supply), please message Cacha in game mail, or on discord @cacha#9584
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