Immersion 54 members led by Ellester

Founded 07 May 2017

A new semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to push progression limits in TBC.

Raiding schedule:
Mon - Thurs, 19:00 - 23:00 server time and Sundays 18:00-22:00 server time.

-Non-warlock rdps
-Enhs, Rets and Feral cats
-Exceptional players

Apply at:

Contacts: Ellester, Aciu, Cesca, Jaxson, Itpalas, Keru, Tpyo

Basic information:
We raid 5 days/week during progression but reduce it to 3-4 days during farm, we encourage alts and run split/alt raids as soon as progression is over as well as frequent PTR raids to test content and practice. We use loot council to distribute loot and EPGP to keep track of attendance and who gets loot.
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