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Founded 30 May 2010

Founded on May 30th, 2010, Hellraisers is the longest surviving guild with the largest active player base on TrueWoW. Hellraisers has always been a key player in regards to PvE, grabbing the Realm Firsts of downing Sindragosa on 10HC and Lich King on 25N making us the first guild to tackle ICC25HC. We participated in Ulduar 25 Death's Demise and Celestial Defender runs, which were mostly populated by players from Hellraisers.
We're also the first Horde Guild to down LK10HC and the first guild on the server to down LK25HC which allowed us to get Realm First! Fall of the Lich King.

We have continued to strive towards PvE perfection being the largest raid community on the server with 4 ICC25HC and 3 ICC25N runs every week led by our senior officers.

Hellraisers has a strong foothold in the raiding community. We currently strive to have the smoothest and quickest ICC runs on the server with our average raid time for ICC25HC being 2 hours and constantly being lowered. Our other ICC raids being timed in just over an hour.

Despite all our PvE accomplishments, Hellraisers continues to be a very supportive and relaxed guild outside of raids, keeping true to the guild's original intent of being a fun guild with a great community back when it was founded.

Recruitment has been reopened, but it is a selective recruiting process.
If you wish to join Hellraisers contact any of the senior officers when they are available.

Recruitment Phase Details

Recruitment phase is the phase which all recruits will now go through if they wish to join Hellraisers. Recruits will be kept at recruit rank during this period and will only be promoted to a member rank once they pass or they will be removed from the guild if they fail.

During this phase officers will assess recruits based on raid performance and guild interaction. Raid performance is split into two categories consisting of tactic followthrough and DPS/HPS output, with Tactic followthrough weighing more heavily than than DPS/HPS output. Guild interaction is where officers assess whether or not you can fit in with the guild's members by simply seeing how you interact with them.

During this phase recruits are not eligible to win loots in guild runs because of the chance of failing recruitment phase meaning that the loots will no longer be able to benefit the guild.

Recruitment Phase lasts 2 weeks which means that recruits have 2 weeks upon invite to prove to the officers that they belong in Hellraisers. However it is possible to have a much shorter recruitment phase if you are able to prove that you belong in Hellraisers to the officers quickly.

However extensions are allowed to be given upon request under circumstances being... The recruit was unable to join guild raids to prove themselves due to slots being filled up by other guild members. The recruit had real life commitments which caused them to be inactive from the game during their recruitment phase.

Recruits can choose to be assessed on either 1 toon or multiple toons, however they only need to be pass recruitment phase on 1 toon in order to be accepted as a member of Hellraisers. Once accepted as a member of Hellraisers the recruit's alts will also be accepted into the guild.

Recruits only get one attempt at the recruitment phase. If they fail they will be ineligible to apply for guild membership again unless an officer tells them otherwise.
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