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Hello there!

Divinity is seeking more raiders to round out our force so we can fill out our current schedule with a little more flexibility. We clear ICC and RS and TOC whenever we are not on cooldown and throw in a healthy dose of heroics to help our fresh 80s gear up a little and be ready to join our primary raids. We also go and clear old content for achievements and fun from time to time.
If you do not want to raid or if you can not meet our schedule, we encourage you to look elsewhere.
Currently we are pushing into killing Lich King again with the new fixes and each week we progress bit by bit so we got the kind of people who want to progress and work together with friends into gearing up when raiding.
Hordes are encouraged to reroll and join us, provided they meet our criteria, which I will detail in this post. Please, do not be daunted by a request to reroll to an opposite faction. It might take a while to get to 80 but once you are there, you will not have any shortage of raids to gear up on with Divinity.
What we require

~ Must be able to raid Wednesday-Sunday 5:30pm server time. 100% adherence to this schedule is not required, but in general, this is the playtime slot we are looking to fill for raids primarily. I would say no less then 3/5 days you should be able to raid within this time frame to apply.

~ Must know your class role well and have at least a general idea of what other classes do in a raid environment. We should not have to train new recruits on the basics but you can find skilled players within the guild who can help you improve your skills so never hesistate to ask.

~ Must be willing to install Mumble (voice chat). We do not care if you have a mic. You are not required to speak but listening is not optional. This helps us coordinate better in raids and hard encounters so it’s easier to hear someone talk and make you pay attention to what is going on during an encounter. Mumble can also turn out to be a fun place where people also make jokes and laugh a lot.

~ Must be able to understand English and type and/or speak it reasonably well. We don't care if you have a heavy accent, we likely can understand you enough for raiding purposes provided you can put a sentence together.

~ Must understand two simple rules 1). We use a DKP system so the more you raid the more active you are the more chance you will get in getting loot. 2). You must also listen to the Raid Leaders and not just do what you think it might be best and then do some stupid mistake to show how pro you can be.

~ Must understand the diff between PvP and PvE and gear/spec/behave yourself accordingly for raids.

~ Must be willing to improve your character outside of raids. Players that show initiative will be more welcome to a raid that is filling up fast then those who sit around Dalaran idling 90% of the time. This may mean running 5 mans to gear yourselfbetter until a raid drop gets awarded to you or fishing/cooking so you have food buffs or learning a useful tradeskill, or helping others, so on and so forth.

~ We appreciate new raid leaders who have the potential to lead few easy raids just to help out guildies and your effort will never go un-noticed.

~ Must have a strong desire to raid and to excel.
What we seek

Anyone that meets the above requirements is encouraged to apply.

We pride ourselves on helping one another achieve the goals we set as individuals, all we ask in return is that you help us achieve our goals as a raidforce. You will never be forced to look for a PuG to do a 10 man (Heroic or Normal) as long as we got a setup online in guild that can help out the raid you need and never, ever to raid when you belong to Divinity. Even Divnity's long time members will not think twice about helping newer guild mates gear themselves up for raiding purposes. We all understand raiding is a team effort and act accordingly.

If you see yourself as a potential Divinity member, please register and post your application on our forums http://divinitytw.shivtr.com/ .
You will be contacted by an officer on the Approval/Rejection of your application.

if you got any questions feel free to contact the guild officers for more information.

Come and kick some ass with us!

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