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Founded 25 Nov 2014

First and foremost, Crit Happens is a community and then a guild. We are a group of people who believes in friendship, honesty, generosity, reliability, and community. Give what you can give, take what is offered, without taking advantage! Be friendly, join in the conversations that take place in guild chat, make friends, and show everyone how your friendly personalities can shine whether they are in or outside of the guild! We help each other with quests, professions, dungeons, raids, and include each other in events that we make. Although being a guild is important to us, our sense of camaraderie and community is placed above any guild need or game we play. We are always looking for people that are active, social, and friendly because we are a guild about people, not your level or you GearScore. If you would like to learn more about us, please visit:
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