Ascension 1109 members led by Jiranthos

Founded 19 Mar 2014

Ascension is a hybrid guild of social and levelling people as well as dedicated raiders and achievement farmers.
We have our own voice chat server and a website.
There is a wide array of activities being organized by the guild - for the guild.

Guild chat:
We try to have fun in guild chat, encouraging humor and poking fun, keeping it lively, without offending others. Respect and discipline, as well as maturity are of high regard.

We hold social events like Hide & Seek, Truth & Dare and birthday parties when we feel like it.
Obviously helping out guildies is one of the things we love to do and rarely will everyone be busy and the request for help or just a friendly chat denied.

We enjoy raids every night, usually starting at 7:00 PM Server Time and sometimes going all night.
Our raiding schedule includes Icecrown Citadel of all modes and difficulties, Ulduar and Ruby Sanctum, but it is not uncommon to spontaneously go dragonslaying and clearing EoE, OS, Ony or VoA, ToC Naxxramas, or even TBC and Vanilla content for vanity or reputation.

For raiding we enforce semi-strict requirements such as appropriate gear (not overgeared) for the instance in question -- as well as fully enchanted and gemmed gear (guildies can surely help with this if you ask), willingness to learn tactics and follow the instructions of the raid leader.
We use Mumble voice chat and if the Raid Leader wants to use it for leading, attendance is *not* optional.
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