Transfer Manager
New Request
Welcome to the TrueWoW transfer system.

Before you get started you should take some time to read the following useful information:
Make sure you know what to expect!

For copy transfers we transfer:
  • Items: equipped, in bags and in bank
  • Gold, Gems and Glyphs
  • Reputations, (most) Achievements and Quests
  • Weapon and profession skill values
Anything that is not explicitly mentioned here won't be transferred and won't be compensated for. Some items may be substituted or removed.
Template transfers offer a set of gear deemed appropriate for the amount of play time and/or gear level of your character.

They also come with some gold to get you started as well as all (non-talent) spells trained for your class.

Note that "hero classes" such as Death Knight and Demon Hunters from retail are not eligible for anything above level 60 tier 1 on PrimalWoW.
If you come across a blue "?" box next to a field, try hovering over it. Doing so will give you information as to what you should be entering into the field and maybe even some tips on how best to do it.

Give it a try next time you see one.
Updates on the progress of your request will be sent to you via forum private message. This includes when your request is approved, completed, if an issue is found or if it's rejected.

Therefore it's a good idea to check your inbox regularly!
Any time you see this button in the top-left, you can click it to return to the main transfer manager page whilst saving all information you have entered before the current page.

You can return to your application at any time afterwards from the main transfer manager.
If at any time you feel like giving up, packing it in and calling it a day, then you can delete your request by pressing the "Abandon Request" button. Pressing it will delete your request like it never existed.

Don't worry, it will confirm with you first if there is actually something to be deleted!
All of your on-going transfer requests, as well as past and closed request, will be listed on the main transfer manager page. From here you can resume partially completed request, view the details of submitted requests, abandon any pending requests and respond to staff feedback should problems arise with your request.

Make sure to check back regularly to keep an eye on your requests!