Happy Holidays!
16 Dec 2022 11:13
Hello everyone!

We would like to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season.


We'll be continuing the holiday tradition of a 20% discount to everything in our web shop until 5 January. The only item excluded from this sale is Foror's Crate. The required points can be earned through voting (which helps new players find our server) or donating (which helps keep our server running).


We will also offer a completely free surprise pet in the shop. Available from 24 December until the sale ends. So nobody is left without anything under the Christmas tree.


As you may know, a few of the pets and mounts from the shop are tradable. A description was added to easily find these along with the current market price. This is exactly how much AHbot will bid on your auction, note that each sale changes the price. As this gold indirectly comes from players, it won't inflate the market like direct gold buying would. For those yet unaware, AHbot was vastly improved this year. It basically acts as a middleman if you can't find a buyer or seller.


We accepted a suggestion to return some PvP mounts to the shop like they were in the past. Even with the discount, they are among the most expensive items so they remain a rare sight. They will stay available as arena season rewards but our seasons will last longer as interest in PvP has diminished. A lot of players have stated that they are only here for PvE. But if you have any suggestions that make you want to queue BG or arena, please share. Even if they were rejected in the past, we will consider if enough players support them.

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31 Mar 2022 18:02

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