TBC Pre-Patch
03 May 2017 06:56
PrimalWoW TBC Pre-Patch Notes


  • New Talents added for TBC! Every character has been flagged with a free talent reset.

  • Blood Elves/Draenei Enabled

  • Ghostlands Enabled

  • Azuremyst Isle Enabled

  • Bloodmyst Isle Enabled

  • Eversong Woods Enabled

  • Jewelcrafting is now available in Silvermoon and Exodar.

  • Mount training Cost reduced for Epic Riding to match patch 2.0 values

  • Mount training cost increased for Flying mounts to match patch 2.0 values

  • Transmog Enabled - You can read more about our optional Transmogrification feature here - viewtopic.php?f=92&t=34679

  • Several buff items now are considered as "Well Fed" - https://truewow.org/bugs/view.php?id=5240


  • Rating Requirement has been removed from High Warlord/Grand Marshall Weapons

  • Arena rewards have been given out for Vanilla Season 2

  • Arena Ratings/points have been reset

Updates are going out in waves, please be patient as everything releases over the next few hours!

If you notice any issues with the patch, please report them at the bugtracker - https://truewow.org/bugs/
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TBC Preview and Release Date
21 Mar 2017 18:28
Site/Forums Update
18 Mar 2017 00:13
Love is... still in the air!
22 Feb 2017 23:06
New Anti-Cheat feature: Rewind
07 Feb 2017 06:37

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