Battleground feedback!
13 Jul 2021 19:48

TrueWoW staff team would like to say thank you to all our players who took part in the sunday event, and made it such a big success as it was! The event blow our minds. So many more attended and had fun than we would have imagined. . So thank you, thank you for your support, thank you for your time and thank you for the lots of fun that we made happen together!

As promised, since this was a success, we are going to have more events! So every sunday from now on at 5-6pm, we will be having random battlegrounds going on. Together we make the impossible possible! And those who did not make it this time, feel free to join us on next sunday for more glorious victory and loses.

In case you are curious about how it looked at this sunday’s event here is some screenshots, where you can see that we managed to get 10 vs 10 going! And besides that you can see Vylenz’ youtube video he has posted on our discord in streams and videos or right here:

Kind regards

TrueWoW Staff team
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