Halloween Costume / T-Mog Contest!
13 Oct 2022 00:04

Rules are simple.

We will take screenshots until October 23. You can use live realm or PTR.

You must send Screenshot via Email to Dymondbc@live.com.

On October 24th I will post all screenshots to the TrueWow Facebook page in one single post.

There will be two categories. Transmog and Halloween Costume.

On October 31 we will calculate the number of likes of each category, Player with the most likes wins!

What will you win?

1st place in each category- 10k gold (Donated by a player) and one BOP 400 Vote Point mounts from the Vote shop!

2nd place in each category - 5k gold (Donated by a player) and one vanity pet from the Vote shop!

3rd place in each category - 2.5k gold (Donated by a player) and one of the Fun Consumables from the Vote shop!

All submissions must include the following form:

Forum account name:

Character name:

Contest category: T-Mog or Costume

Screenshots can not include character names or guild names.
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