02 Mar 2019 03:46

Everyone spread some cheer and happiness, we've made it another year around the Sun and are happy to say that we are nine years old today! Granted this post came a little late Server Time since it was written and edited by someone in USA; sorry. Countless other servers have closed, merged, and relaunched over the course of those 9 years, but we have done our best to maintain the integrity and loyalty to our players that we have had from day one. We have kept our character database fully intact for at least five of the last nine years, if not longer, and strive to always provide the highest quality custom core possible without resorting to paid staff who are here for the money and not the players. Thanks to every one of you who has been along with us on this ride for the last nine years, and hopefully many more to come!


We're making a couple of minor tweaks to the transmog system soon that should make it such that all players in-game will have transmogs ON by default. Now your glorious toon's true self will be beholden to all players! If for any reason you do NOT want to see both regular and legendary transmogs on characters, you will need to use the ".settings transmog off" command to disable those. This week's update should also have fixed issues with certain items not appearing as enabled for transmogs:


After many months of popular demand, we're officially launching the Ironman Challenge (and Bloodthirsty Challenge) on TrueWoW realm! The Item Loading... will now be available to TrueWoW players who manage to blast their way through all 80 level of Wrath without dying, equipping green or higher gear, etc. Use the ".ironman info" command in-game to learn more or join up! You can also find more information on the Ironman page.


Since we last posted an announcement we've had some changes to the staff roster including:

  • Ravenseeker has retired from staff

  • Dymond has returned to staff as a Senior Game Master

As always, if you want to see a full detailing of staff changes you can look through the historical available here. Some updates occurred in between announcements and were not presented on the front page.


Andriuspel, the crazy beast he is, has pushed out hundreds of fixes recently. Some of these fixes, however are not yet available on any of our realms. Why not? Because he's been working on a floor to ceiling overhaul of the Culling of Stratholme! Get ready, because this one is going to be good...


Amani never give up! They never die... In fact, Zul'Aman is being reborn as we speak, in the form of final tuning and bug touch ups before release. We don't have a release date set yet, due to some administrative scheduling conflicts, but hope to push the updated Zul'Aman live to PrimalWoW within the next month.


In order to combat the UTD lag issues affecting primarily TrueWoW realm, but also the Primal realm, we have implemented a daily restart script for both realms. Regular restarts seems to keep things flowing more smoothly so expect to see the servers restarting at about 10 Server Time until we can find a more permanent solution for the problems.

As unfortunate as our recent instability was, it has been repaired, and along with stability has come approximately 600 new updates and bug fixes! Thanks to our star dev Andriuspel, we've been able to pick and choose the best pieces of the open source TrinityCore while still keeping as stable as we can with our custom updates. We're hoping to keep the number and scale of updates a bit smaller for the coming months, as this will decrease the likelihood of another crash-related event, but keep looking out for improved or repaired content.

Class updates and improvements have been at the top of our list for things we want to have as near to perfect as possible, as soon as possible. This week brought with it many more fixes and repairs to everything from spell procs to spell effects. We're aware that Hunters are still having a bit of trouble with their pets running away from home. Perhaps you need to remember to feed them more often? Just kidding, we're still looking into it! This bug has a lot of potential causes so please keep reporting any problems you run into.

WARNING: There is an update coming in about one week that has the potential to affect your gameplay in a significant way. Especially if you are leveling (Ironman contenders take special caution!) or use your intuition to know how far you can stand away from a mob before it aggros, you will need to re-calibrate your senses soon. At present, the aggro range for all mobs is set to only 66%. This was done many many moons ago in order to alleviate the effects of some other bugs that were present at the time. The time for this hackfix of a patch has come and gone, and we intend to revert back the 100% aggro range that is proper for our server. This means that once the change goes live, you will need to stand 33% farther away from mobs to avoid catching their attention. Please spread the word to any active players you might run into, as we don't want this update to take anyone by a very negative surprise when they accidentally pull a Leeroy Jenkins.


Everyone loves getting presents on their birthday, and TrueWoW is no different. But we're going to flip things on their head this year. You don't have to give us anything. I know, I know. We're so humble. What we're going to do instead is give all of you a gift. We're happy to announce that starting from just before this post goes live until the end of next week we will have 15% reduced prices on all vote shop items! As an added bonus for TrueWoW players, just in time for an extra discount, the long awaited price drop on Item Loading... is here. It will now sell regularly for a price of only 1,050 vote points which is equivalent to about 7 weeks of voting or a one-time 10 Euro donation. No more having to split multiple donations or vote for nearly 4 months to get a single bag. Plus, the 15% discount for our birthday celebration will apply on top of the official price drop. Enjoy!

Thanks for all the years of fun, frustration, and fights (both PvE and PvP). It's all worth it to be a part of this amazing server called TrueWoW and we wouldn't want to call anywhere else home.

- The TrueWoW Team
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