[Discord] The Skye Bot
20 Apr 2018 19:56

I dream and the World trembles ...

The dark times will pass,

with your New best friend, Skye! An astonishing creature who has finally arrived after two moonlights of traveling from Silvermoon City. This cute Blood Elf is not only a beautiful creature, but, she also has the unique ability to mimic any song desired whatsoever - Free of Charge!

Hold your head high... Enjoy the Music!

Gaming is so much better with music, even better when you have friends to listen to it with!

Using the command " .play ", Skye will query the search into YouTube and pick the first video returned. If a song is already playing, Skye is helpful enough to let you know the exact waiting time until your request will be played!

Her memory reminds one of the gods, as she has an unlimited queue for songs. However, as a friend, Skye asks that you only request up to five songs at a time, to keep the song queue available to everyone, or she will refuse your requests. If you add a song and she gets it wrong, no worries! Simply use " .skip " and she will move on to the next request. People can not skip each other's songs, only vote to skip them! Skye also has her team of moderators standing by to skip other people's songs, and if required, delete them from the queue.

Time is of the essense!

Can't find your desired song? Or is Skye getting it wrong all the time?

No worries, she will gladly help you locate it! Using the " .search " command, you will be given up to three alternatives shown by the results of the called title (.play).

After requesting the addition of a song to the queue, she will let you know the position of the queue and the estimated time until it is to be played. If you desire to know all the other songs in queue before and after you, simply use " .Queue " to get her list of all the songs added and by whom! For people who are still unsure about how to communicate with her, ask her for the full list of available commands using the " .help " command or see the corresponding post below..

I have one of a kind items

If there are no songs in queue, Skye will play songs from a pre-defined list. The list starts out vaguely but will be continually updated depending on the frequency of the songs within the queue and what people tend to listen to. Once a pre-defined song has been executed to play, she will let you know through the channel. These songs can be instantly skipped by a user request or a song request before they are to be played!

Skye is a social elf. She not only offers to serve your musical desires, but she also appears randomly in ongoing discussions in any chat channel of Discord! Being as kind as she is, you may expect answers from her too, as she picks up commonly asked questions.

Don't be afraid though! (...)

Skye also loves festivals, events and spooky skeletons during halloween!

An'u belore delen'na!

This is a Discord Bot, only accessible from our Discord

https://discordapp.com/invite/AFYAqU?ut ... um=Connect
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