We are looking for more Staff Members!
04 Feb 2018 15:31

Greetings, Community

We are starting this year with a lot of goals in mind and we surely could use a larger workforce supporting us. To address this, we will be recruiting at least 5 new staff members during the following recruitment process. Depending on the profiles we come across, we may extend this number as we see fit, respecting every potential talent.

This time we are looking to expand our horizons - we seek out talents that go beyond just customer support and answering tickets.

There are several areas of our server that require attention: we have the bug tracker constantly in movement, transfer requests flowing in every day, forums and our chat channels with people frequently looking for help...

We need to cover all of that while also ensuring this message reaches our current players and any others who may find us at social medias, through elaboration of promotional content.

As a staff member, you'll be working in a team, participating in our monthly meetings, discussing things and actively taking part of the development of our servers. You'll receive training material and you will have people available to help you whenever you have any questions.


- Account at least 3 months old.

- Understanding of the server rules.

- Availability to be logged at our chat services (either Discord or IRC) whenever you are able to.

- Good written English skills.


- Graphical knowledge - ability to produce graphic content (video, pictures) on request.

- Development knowledge - knowledge of any programming language or SQL.

- Be willing to take on responsibility and hold leadership positions.

- Previous experiece moderating communities or any other game support experience.

As a candidate, you must not:

- Have been banned in the past year due to any violation.

- Have a large mute history.

- Be associated with any practices that violate server rules (account trading, advertisement of other servers, etc).

All of our staff members will receive appropriate training before they get hands on to work with our community, so don't worry, we got you covered.

To apply, just send me a message telling me about yourself, your history with our server and a bit of your aspirations as a staff member. You don't need to tell us our full life story but try to be creative and highlight the important notes about you!

I will be accepting applications until 05.03.2018. We'll be contacting the approved candidates, approximately, at 25.03.2018.

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