Highlord Kruul is here!
25 May 2017 16:33

From the shattered world of Draenor, legions of demons pour to our world through the Dark Portal opened once by the guardian Medivh. Lord Kazzak, one of the Burning Legion's most entrusted servants, charged with watching over the remaining demonic forces in Azeroth, has reactivated the portal and made his way into Outlands.

With his departure to the Outlands, Kazzak has passed the charge of Azeroth to Highlord Kruul, a doom guard of immense power. Power that rivals no other doom guard, except the now Doom Lord, Kazzak himself

" Azeroth has cowered too long under our shadow!

Now, feel the power of the Burning Crusade, and despair!"

- Highlord Kruul

Fight for Azeroth!

Lord Kazzak has made his way into Outlands and will no longer be available to players, the event of invasion begins as of this posts release timestamp and continues for two weeks whereas more surprises will be shown upon the road!


  • Highlord Kruul will assault random zones of Azeroth and capital cities every 8 hours progressively increasing.

  • Highlord Kruul will award players with the same loot table as Lord Kazzak.

A couple more surprises will be unlocked as we progress through the Pre-Launch Event!
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