Dungeon Finder rework
22 Sep 2023 10:20
Changes resulting from last week's poll and feedback:

- 10% chance for every boss in lvl 80 heroic dungeons to drop an Emblem of Frost.

- 50% chance for every boss in lvl 80 raids to drop an Emblem of Frost (not VoA).

- Return of dungeon binds so you only get each heroic once per day.

- Dungeons can now start with 3 or 4 players if a tank and heal queued.

- Incomplete groups will queue automatically on entry for easier filling.

- Adjusted required item level for heroics, fresh 80s are grouped into the easiest heroics.


A majority voted for Emblem of Frost as motivation for doing more dungeons. The reward is less than suggested as compromise for those who voted against. We understand that we shouldn't diverge too far from the blizzlike approach while trying to find a middle ground between these two sides of our community.

The method of drop chance gives more freedom compared to having all the rewards behind the random queue. Note that these drops can also happen on your first dungeon of the day. It encourages doing optional bosses and there is less penalty for not finishing a dungeon.

Raids shouldn't be ignored and are another reason for not adding all the rewards to dungeons. Again the drop chance encourages a variety of bosses compared to weekly quests. The drop has been added to all bosses and modes from these raids: OS (only Sarth), EoE, Ony, Naxx, Uld, ToC.

Dungeon binds result in more variety as was requested. It prevents farming the most efficient heroic and can also serve as a daily emblem limit if someone has time to do all dungeons.

Doing dungeons with less players mostly benefits other time zones and lower levels, it also reduces queue times. Instead of waiting in the queue, you can already start clearing. Other players automatically get invited and teleported to you when they queue halfway the dungeon unless someone declines the popup. Any role or level of gear will be accepted to fill a missing spot as it will be better than nobody. Note that you don't get deserter for leaving a 3 player group so you can queue again if something is too difficult. The average item level required for most heroics was increased to compensate for this extra difficulty.

All of this is still subject to change depending on future feedback, we will see how this works out.
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RHC poll
15 Sep 2023 13:50
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28 Aug 2023 01:11
03 Jul 2023 23:32
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02 Apr 2023 02:35

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