Biweekly Newsfeed #5
26 Jul 2021 13:23

In this news feed we are going to share some good news from the staff team. Introduce different ways of joining our server for new players who might be interested or considering joining us, and, finally, we have a birthday to celebrate.

So let's get ready to start, shall we?


As you guys already know we have had two trial Gamemasters for a little while, Ligthbearer and Cherub. Now we can finally announce to you guys that they are officially gamemasters. It is an honor to have them on the team and we look forward to a long time together and strong teamwork. But they are not the only ones who have gotten a promotion. Everyone knows our great friend Outsider by now, who always moderates the channels and makes sure that nobody breaks the rules. After his hard work and all his effort, he has been promoted to Senior Gamemaster. We do not doubt that you guys appreciate their effort as much as we do, so let us all say CONGRATULATIONS to our new gamemasters and our Senior Gamemaster. May you be with us for a long and even longer time!

New players

Since we know that it can be difficult to start on TrueWoW, as a completely new player, have we made some custom changes to make it easier for a new player to join our community, get going on our server and make a foundation here. Some of the things we have done will be listed below:

When you level on our server you can set your experience rate to 0.5, 1, 2, or 3. That means you will receive experience from mobs and quests with the set rate. It does not influence your gold gain or your reputation gain.

If you are into PvP, then you are also set. Lower-level players receive experience from completing battlegrounds. For max-level players (80's), the first random battlegrounds win of the day grants player 3x more arena points. (75) Honor rewards are 3x the shown values (11160 honor for the first win).

Then there is the third and probably the most appealing option to those who already have leveled on another server or retail, which is our transfer system. You can transfer from other servers including retail to here. But before you do that we advise you to carefully read the entire page about transfers. The page with information about transfers is here:

We also have the option of recruiting a friend. That means if you know someone who already plays here the person can give you a link so you can level faster and easier together. But also if you are two new players who want to level together more smooth and get a nice reward out of it, then you can use our recruit a friend system. You can find more information about this by visiting following page:



The last thing we have to share with you guys for this news feed is a birthday. It is time to celebrate one of our guilds. The guild was originally created on our former second realm Primal, on the 24th of July 2015. It is a guild with quite some history there – some good and some bad. But one thing that really marks this guild is the behavior. There is always space for another member, there is always space to share some understanding and support. It is not a raiding guild like the others but they like to have fun and make friends. It is a casual guild where you just focus on getting the best out of every day's playtime and where nobody is too new or too insecure to call it home.

The guild we are talking about is Sanctuary. The name of the guild matches fully the description of the guild. It is truly a place you can make your sanctuary. You do not have to worry about being worthy of being there or if someone is going to fight with you, no. Sanctuary is a great place to find peace if you cannot find balance within the other guilds. And it is ultra important for a server to have a guild like Sanctuary. A place where those who aren’t into raiding and aren’t really too bothered with everything can go and just get the best out of their game time we equal-minded. So thank you Sanctuary for being here with us, and thank you for giving some of our players a great place to call home! But most of all...

CONGRATULATIONS Sanctuary on your 6th Birthday!

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have any suggestions for upcoming releases - let us known in Private Messages on the forums or on the Discord server. Thank you for playing TrueWoW!
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