Biweekly Newsfeed #8
08 Sep 2021 12:02

In this news feed we are going to first share an important information about one of our developers, then we are going to remind you of the Loremaster achievement. As the last two things we will inform you guys about an item that will be added in the shop and celebrate those who have completed Ironman Challenge since May to now.

Shall we get started?

Best wishes!

We are sadly in the position where we have to inform everyone of you that our fixes, updates and such are going a bit slow in these days due to the heartbreaking fact that Andriuspel, also known as Andrius or Andy, is hospitalized with Covid 19, Delta Variant. He is in good medical care and is fighting with all he can to recover. He thinks a lot about the server and how we all are holding up, while he should be focusing on himself. So if things are a little bit slower to be fixed, please, be patient. We are doing everything we can to keep things going as smooth as possible, but Andrius is a big part of the team as everyone knows, so it does have some influence on us all. We must stand together in this situation and help each other through it.

When all that is said, the Staff would like to send all the best wishes and fast recovery to Andrius. We all miss our technical genius, his moody comments and most of all his silliness. We just want for him to take care of himself, so we can have him back in healthy condition. We send all prayers and wishes to you, Andrius!

If you wish to send Andrius a message, feel free to add it in the comment below. He will for sure see it, and we know it will mean a lot to him! And please pray with us for a fast and solid recovery.



We want to remind new players, as well as old players, about the Loremaster achievement. Since we are the private server with most working quests. First of all you learn a lot about the lore of the game, if you are interested in that. You earn some gold. Loremaster in Northrend alone gives you above 4k gold from just doing the quests for the Loremaster. And then there is the fact that you get quite some achievement points from completing the achievements to progress Loremaster. Last and final, you get a title and a tabard. So why wait?


New transmog Item

On 6th of September 2021 there was a new transmog item added to the Vote Shop. You can now buy Arcanite Ripper for 500 votepoints. The use is still there, which means you can still click on it an pull out a guitar for 10 seconds, but there are no stats, due to the fact that it is for the transmogification purposes. Besides that we have removed the heirloom ring you can win from the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby every weekend, because we want it to be something special you earn from doing the Derby and not just by buying it from the Vote Shop. We hope you like this new addition to the shop!


Ironman Challenge

Ironman Challenge is something that is going on every single day, all year around. There are a lot of people who are participating in it and that is so awesome! It is truly a challenge and worth the respect that follows. You must be calculated in your pulls, choice of quests , be patient and very dedicated.

Some of the participants who have completed the Ironman Challenge since May to now are:

- Sweetcandy

- Zerobrains

- Alcippe
Congratulations to them and may they enjoy their mounts!


We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have any suggestions for upcoming releases - let us known in Private Messages on the forums or on the Discord server. Thank you for playing TrueWoW!
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