TrueWoW Staff is Recruiting!
27 Jun 2018 11:03

TrueWoW Staff Team

It is new times, new environments and new management for our beloved community.

For 8 years TrueWoW have managed to stay alive, more or less, and we have absolutely no intentions to change that.

Key people do however come and go, putting us in a quest to find some new family members which helps us and the community to stay true. It is worth shouting that status and attention seekers is nothing we would have fun with.


Customer service is the link between the players and the management. Game Masters are here to assist with every issue possible, work around bugs to satisfy the player and always be an available helping hand. GM's main definition is police and living link between the players and the staff. This role is not really bound to specific things, rather they're bound to a specific area, which obviously for us is customer service.


Without people in this department we would most likely freeze and die out. TrueWoW Development actually also offers guidance and learning for those who are completely new in the Wow Emulation scene and never set foot in C++, TrinityCore and/or databases before. Of course, however, there is still requirements behind this. Dedication and true will is the most important ones.

Expanding the Area MEDIA TEAM

Game Masters or Developers that expands beyond their area to help out with other departments is something we really love. Such as our Media team, Game Masters with VFX/GFX/SFX experience that would be working with our Public Relations Leader to ensure quality media content for PR. This is a very important department that makes it possible for us to grow.

Joining our Team

Did something caught your attention? Something you would love to do for the community with a passion?

Do not hesitate to apply!

Our requirements to apply is the following:

  • Must have at least decent and professional English language in writing

  • Must have been a WoW player for at least 2 years

  • Must have legit interest and will to join our family

To apply, simply send Jiranthos a private message following this template!

-> Subject: [ROLE] MyStaffName

-> Content:

Why You Should Choose Me

Who am I as a Person

What can I contribute with

My past Experience

What I Expect from working with TrueWow Staff


[Game Master + Media] Noxies

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This can be done at anytime and is a open recruitment with no set expiration date. We will however close this recruitment once when the administration sees fit.

It's worth mentioning that delaying your application is a bad idea as we would reject applications to filled spots.

Stay True,

- TrueWoW Staff
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