AHbot rework to boost economy
05 May 2022 18:06
Since the introduction of the Auction House bot it has been a love–hate relationship. It has its benefits since we are not a high population server but items had to be expensive and it didn't help sellers, until now.

But isn't that looking for problems? A lot of thought went into it so the new bot is on a completely different level. It buys, it sells, it changes prices, it changes number of auctions per item and it changes how many of those auctions are done in stacks. It's adapting almost like a real person to the supply and demand from the players.

Right now prices are volatile with a wide gap between buy and sell prices. The more an item gets traded, the more stable it will get as the bot learns the correct market price from the players. You're encouraged to sell all your items to the AH since bot currently pays more than vendors, but watch out as prices can fall below. The number of trades will teach the bot so it can only become better over time.

Instructions: The bot will only bid, never buyout so you need to wait at least 12 hours to get the gold. To get started your bid price needs to be low enough, it doesn't matter besides that as it's up to the bot how much you get. Buyout can be left empty or high enough so it doesn't limit you. And one more hint, sell in full stacks for maximum profit. This will also cause the bot to sell more stacks in the future.

You can browse the auction house through our armory: https://truewow.org/armory/auctionhouse.php
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