PrimalWoW WotLK - 5 September
25 Aug 2020 15:22
While some of you wanted to see this news a year ago, this will come as a shock to others. We made the hard decision of rescheduling the merge of our realms to the earliest opportunity. This means the PrimalWoW community will no longer have a separate realm to progress through WotLK, all characters will populate one realm.

Unfortunately this is not a matter of choice, we simply don't have enough volunteers who are willing to do the grunt work for a successful WotLK launch. Our main developer has been overworked with crash fixes as stability comes first. And most of the people who were originally involved with the TBC launch have left so we have already been behind schedule for a while. The only other option is keeping it as a static TBC realm indefinitely which hardly anyone would be happy about.

Note that you're always free to progress through WotLK at your own accord, a disciplined guild could manage this. We have some ideas to support this playstyle as a compromise but again no work has been done yet.

Obviously the upside of a merge is population, there will be more people to play with. We will no longer have to split our limited resources over 2 realms. And in turn, our small server will have better chances of surviving. Players will also be able to enjoy features that have been exclusive to the TrueWoW realm, AHbot has been selling items for 2 months but there are no plans to adjust it for a PrimalWoW release.

The merge is expected to be ready within months so not immediately, more details and a specific date will still follow. It's also a big project that requires careful preparation and I am mostly doing that alone. If you're angry about this decision, I only ask that you don't take it out on staff members. Such an attitude is really demotivating and we will be worse off if they leave. If you actually want to help, send us a staff application and maybe you will make a difference.


5 September (around 11AM server time) will mark the release of WotLK on Primal and all 3.3.5a content will be available. This will be paired with an arena rating reset and Primal will also get daily arena flushes. Realm firsts are available except for Naxx (which was already done during the Vanilla phase) and nothing will be removed after the merge. There will be enough time for leveling and gearing before the merge happens.

Vote on PvP or PvE realm
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