RHC poll
15 Sep 2023 13:50
Players have voiced a desire to promote random heroic dungeons. This would be an important change so we're polling a few suggestions to better understand what should be done. It's primarily meant as motivation for doing more than 1 random heroic per day which would also reduce queue times. New suggestions are also welcome including those for raids.

The poll can be found at our Discord server: https://discord.gg/GqPJkbz

But we will also take replies to this post into consideration if you prefer using our forums.

Poll options:

- One Emblem of Frost for every random heroic after the first that day.

- Same as above but only 50% chance to get one per heroic.

- Ability to purchase 1 Emblem of Frost for 10 Emblem of Triumph.

- No change, keep it blizzlike.

- Other suggestion or amount to be discussed below.
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28 Aug 2023 01:11
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02 Apr 2023 02:35
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07 Mar 2023 00:31

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