World Boss Release and Class Rebalancing Patch Notes
18 Sep 2017 00:22

Quietly he sits, controlling the demons and corrupted denizens of the Burning Legion from the Throne of Kil'jaeden. Spitefully he seeks, wanting nothing but vengeance over those who squander away their lives in inferiority. For 25 long years he was stranded in the Tainted Scar watching, waiting, warring against his imprisonment on Azeroth. Now promoted to Doom Lord, Kazzak is a threat to all who breathe and live in freedom. He must be destroyed at all costs, or all of creation will crumble.

"All life must be eradicated."


One fel reaver to outshine them all... A feat of engineering superiority, Doomwalker has been released upon the demented tatters of Draenor. With no morals, no fear, and no goals but destruction and decimation, Doomwalker is making his way to the gates of the Black Temple. Having neglected his orders from Kil'Jaeden to wipe out the Lich King in order to save his love, Tyrande Whisperwind, the Lord of the Outland, Illidan Stormrage, here sits in wait: unshakably confident in his ability to command a defeat over even the mightiest of the Burning Legion's machines...

"Do not proceed. You will be eliminated."


Not only are these demonic forces coming soon, but the strangled cries of shadow priest, feral druids, elemental shaman, and warlock have finally been heard. The Titans inexplicably have come back briefly enough to create a new balance within their lifeforms, and increase the strength of those who harness the power of shadows, animalistic instincts, and nature's elements.

Shadow Priest --
  • Shadow Word: Pain --> 20% less mana

  • Devour Plague --> 20% less mana

  • Mind Blast --> 20% less mana

  • Mind Flay --> 20% less mana

  • Vampiric Touch --> 20% less mana

  • Inner Fire --> 25% less mana

Feral Druid --
  • Mangle (Bear) --> 15% more damage

  • Mangle (Cat) --> 15% more damage

  • Lacerate --> 25% more damage

  • Shred --> 25% more damage

Elemental Shaman --
  • Lightening Bolt --> 40% less mana

  • Chain Lightning --> 20% less mana

Warlock --
  • Mana Drain --> 20% less mana

For any adventures who are struggling to get the current gear, there have also been health pool nerfs to Illhoof, Netherspite, Gruul, and Moroes to make T4 more accessible as T5 release nears. It has been said that some bosses are growing weary of their eternal battles and may also be dealing less damage...

All changes seen above will go live at the next update!
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