Tempest Keep Pre-Patch is Live!
15 Nov 2017 02:42

Live on PrimalWoW now!

What's that loading in the background up there? Is that The Eye? Why, yes it is!

Tempest Keep's final launch (The Eye) will be coming up December 6th, but before we get there you might start noticing the effects of our pre-patch. With the latest restart, all of the following changes have been applied to rebalance PvP and PvE:

Changes to PvE:


  • Healing Touch will no longer be nerfed beyond the normal PVE healing reduction!

  • Savage Defense absorbs 20% more!


  • Multi-shot damages 30% extra (down from +85%)

  • Steady Shot damages 60% extra (down from +85%)

  • Serpent Sting damages 60% extra (down from +85%)

  • Arcane Shot damages 30% extra (down from +65%)

  • Aimed Shot damages 30% extra (down from +65%)


  • Felguard's Cleave damages 30% more!

Image Changes to PvP:

  • 40% mana cost reductions across the board! (PvP areas only)

Stay tuned as we continue to prepare for the December 6th release of The Eye! And don't forget, the Dwarven Display of Demolition PvP event is this Saturday November 18th (that's Friday night for you NA folks) at 3AM Server Time on PrimalWoW.

As always, stay true

- The TrueWoW Team
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