Water, is Life ...
15 Aug 2017 12:31

Queen Azshara was the most powerful being on Azeroth. Her power only rival to Archimonde or Kil'Jaeden themselves. And yet, as the Well of Eternity began to flood the Azshari palace, Queen Azshara's powerful spell was of no use to hold the vehement waters back. The end was coming, she would not make it out alive.

Voices invaded her mind, whispers and murmurs that clouded her every thought. It was not Sargeras, nor any agent of the Legion -- it was something else, something she had never encountered before.

"Surrender. Surrender to the waters..."

The whispers bombarded unrelenting until a bargain struck and a spell lifted. The waters overtook claiming all - but not in death. Grotesque naga - hideous, vile, fearsome serpentine creatures - befitting of the palace, replaced its inhabitants.

Banished for over ten thousand years, the naga remained hidden.

Until they heard the call of the Betrayer . . .

Pre-Patch Notes

Based on internal testing, these changes have been made specifically for PrimalWoW in regards to class balance. These changes may be different than other 3.3.5 WotLK realms. Please do note that the changes are only true for the PvE scenario.

We plan to make changes based on player feedback over the course of the Burning Crusade progression. If you have information worth sharing, please make a post in the Suggestion or PTR sections of the forum.

These changes below are live within the next upcoming days.



You told us yourselves, some fights are sleepy time for healers. Therefor we are balancing our healers in hopes to have the "Zzz's" transform to "!!!'s".

  • Rejuvenation - Nerfed by 15%

  • Healing Touch - Nerfed by 15%


We heard your shouts! Let us have the tanks of light struggle with the actual gameplay, rather than thirsting for more and more mana!

  • Avenger's Shield - ManaCost lowered by 40%

  • Consecration - ManaCost lowered by 25%


  • High Warlord Weapons - No longer requires Arena Points!

  • Grand Marshal Weapons - No longer requires Arena Points!


People seem to struggle to progress due to lack of capable raiders. Therefor we are changing the heroic key requirements in order to boost the speed of fresh 70s.

  • Warpforged Key - Reputation requirement lowered to Honored!

  • Auchenai Key - Reputation requirement lowered to Honored!

  • Key of Time - Reputation requirement lowered to Honored!

  • Flamewrought Key - Reputation requirement lowered to Honored!

  • Reservoir Key - Reputation requirement lowered to Honored!


Attunement is required!

All raiders need the attunement for SSC completed in order to enter the instance.

Be sure to have a few people in your guild who are able to summon Nightbane. Please note that this quest chain is not required by everyone, but necessary for the SSC attunement quest.

  • Attunement for SSC is Implemented!

  • Nightbane Questline is now introduced!

    Serpentshrine Cavern is scheduled to be released in mid October, 2017!

    If you wish to contribute to the actual SSC release, then you can do so by becoming a tester.

    For more information, please do contact our Personnel Management Leader / Issue Tracker Leader!

    Stay true,

    - The TrueWoW Team
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