New Anti-Cheat feature: Rewind
07 Feb 2017 06:37

Time weaving - the art of peering into the timelines and shaping them - is one of the most powerful sources of magic in Azeroth. But, as with all other sources of power, it is quite dangerous too. Those who misuse the time ways to their advantage, speeding the passage of time in their own benefit, may accidentally end up corrupting the time streams, locking themselves in an infinite time loop created by the severed chains of events.

Could you imagine yourself being locked in an anomaly of time, being forced to relive a very same moment of your existence ten thousand times over? How horrible could this fate be!

Poor are those fated to exist in a single moment, but such is the reward of those who recklessly meddle with the threads of time.

Now recruiting... dragons too!

We have requested the aid of the Bronze Dragonflight to assist us in our restless crusade against the rule-breaking, pesky, obnoxiously bothersome hackers. With their powerful abilities, we have managed to cover a couple of vulnerabilities that should no longer serve of any harm to anyone.

This includes the following upgrades:

New anti-cheat functionalities!
    - Position snapshots will be periodically taken whenever the players are examined.
    - Speedhacking flags will rewind the player back to the last snapshot taken.
    - Fly hacking flags will rewind the player back to the last snapshot taken
    - Trespassing secured areas will teleport you to your home position.

Time Unstable Zones

    The mortal's constant tampering with the timelines has caused time to become unstable in several zones of Azeroth, locking them away from the rest of the world permanently. Those who dare to use corrupt means to access them may be locked into anomalies of time... for eternity!

    The timewalker Chromie was extremely excited about joining our team. She has been engaged in watching over the time lines ever since she's been with us. As an extremely dedicated watcher, she'll be watching over the anomalies of time and the unstability of those zones as she attempts to mend them. "Time mends all wounds", cheers the little Chromie. Perhaps one day the watchers will finally be able to rest knowing our existence is secured.

Here's a short showcase of the new abilities granted to our anti-cheat feature

Speedhacking/Fly hacking



Teleport hacking: Say hello... to my little Chromie!



As time passes by we'll continue to develop our anti-cheat measures further, as we can, to ensure we are covering as many abuses as possible, hindering the activity of hackers severely.

This feature is experimental and as such we heavily rely on the community feedback. If you encounter any issues, please let us know about it immediately so we can analyse it and work on improving our system.


...just let us know if any collateral effects happen.

This feature is expected to go live at the next server update.

Thank y'all for the time and have fun!

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