Clean up of Inactive Mumble Channels
21 Jun 2016 21:58

Over the years, we have gathered quite a considerable number of channels that are rarely used (or not used at all). Our current mumble setting also inherits a lot of channels from the old GammingConsortium, which of course, are mostly no longer used.

Since we currently don't have any policy on acquiring channels and pretty much any guild can request it, these channels that are not used ended pilling up.

The following channels will be removed the next week if nobody claims they're still being used:

Bloodriver RSA, Ex Cinere, From the Ashes, Illuminati, Kill em All, Knights of the Nine, Legacy, Might and Magic, TakersofSouls, Tempest of Fire, The Circle of Death, The Oaks, The Sali Army, The Sylvan Shadows, The X Factor, Ultimatum, Peak of the Gods

Reply to this thread if any of the aforementioned channels are still of use to you.

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